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Planning for Disney World is no easy task.

Magic Kingdom

Not only do you need to make sure the whole family is ready with all the correct amount of outfits, all the medication you’ll need, and everything else under the sun. But there’s something else you need to plan ahead for — will the outfits you’re wearing work well with the rides you’re planning to experience?

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Listen, some Disney World rides are just NOT made for certain outfits (ahem, dresses and skirts). If you’re in one of those outfits in the park, these are the rides you’ll want to be VERY careful on, or avoid entirely.

TRON Lightcycle / Run and Flight of Passage

Hey, you know those two strange ride vehicles in Disney World where you board it like a bike, but you’re also leaning forward the whole time? See where this is going? Yeah, these are NOT the rides to do in dresses or skirts (or really short shorts, for that matter).

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Let’s just say some members of our team have personal experience with this one. When you lean forward in any skirt or dress normally, it’s going to ride up because, well, that’s just how they work. Now on these rides, not only are you leaning forward, but you’re also flying through the air (sorta for Flight of Passage), which means wind. And wind with…you get the picture. 

Flight of Passage

There is a backrest that comes up and locks you into place, but that doesn’t stop your skirt or dress from going flying in the wind. And especially on TRON, there could be people behind you!!

And we’d like to give a few honorable mentions as well!

Space Mountain

Listen, while you’re secured in the ride vehicle during the actual ride, these ride vehicles are NOT easy to get out in and out of!

Space Mountain

You’ve got to twist and turn and pull and push (not joking) all at the same time, and that means it’s VERY easy for skirts and dresses to ride up.

Astro Orbiter

Again, you may not think these will be dangerous, but these cars also aren’t easy to get in and out of! More twisting and turning is required, especially the larger/taller you are, so beware!

Astro Orbiter

Plus, you ride an elevator UP to get to this attraction which means WIND! And even the smallest bit of wind in the wrong direction can put you in an awkward situation real fast.

The Barnstormer

To clarify, this one is really only on here for the adults — your kiddos will likely be fine, but these cars are SMALL.


So if you’re an adult in a car by yourself, not to mention being with someone else in the car, it’s going to take a second to get situated (again, we have personal experience). Be prepared!

What To Do About It

Not to worry though, there’s an easy way to fix this issue! We personally recommend wearing Slip Shorts underneath your dress or skirt to be prepared for any ride or any windy weather that may occur.


This pack comes with three colors, meaning you can match it to the outfit you’re wearing! A lot of our team chooses black over other colors, but the other options are very popular as well.

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Or, you can also grab a dress or skirt with shorts built into them, such as the ODODOS Women’s Tennis Skirt!


These are so stylish, cute, and comfortable, and the best part? They’re available in a variety of colors, meaning you can match any shirt with them!

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We’re always here to bring you all the latest packing and planning tips and tricks, so stay tuned to DFB!

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Do you have any horror stories that involve a dress or skirt? Share it with us below if you’d like so we all feel less alone!

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