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Y’all. We’ve seen some things in Disney World. Sometimes they’re wonderful things, sometimes they’re terrifying things, but yeah…we’ve seen THINGS.

Kisses from Donald!

For example, you’ve got those wonderful Cast Member moments that just make your day that much more magical. Or there’s that moment when you see a character just living its best life. On the other side of things, it’s that one time you accidentally make eye contact with Caesar as you’re exiting Tower of Terror (if you know, you know) or find yourself in one of the creepiest parts of a park. Well, we’ve looked over some of our photos, and we wanted to share some of things we’ve seen that left their marks on us.

Stitch vandalizes the castle

Imagine you’ve made your first trip to Disney World and you’re finally in Magic Kingdom. You’re walking down Main Street, U.S.A. and see that Cinderella Castle…is covered in toilet paper. Yes, that really happened. Disney set it up so that Stitch had vandalized the castle with toilet paper and graffiti to celebrate the opening of Stitch’s Great Escape.

via Imgur

Although the vandalism only lasted one day, imagine that was your ONLY day in Magic Kingdom and all of those gorgeous castle photos you wanted to get are going to look a lot different than you had anticipated. Oh, Stitch, shame on you.

Ridiculous Things You TOTALLY Forgot Happened in Disney World!

The Skyliner crashes

In its early days, the Skyliner had a few concerning incidents, one of which involved two gondolas crashing into each otherThis resulted in people being stuck on the Skyliner for HOURS, which is literally one of our worst nightmares. The cause of the collision was thought to have been made by a power failure and errors in the system that route the gondolas within the stations.

Disney World Skyliner Rescue Vehicles ©WaltyDis

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and those were stuck in gondolas were eventually evacuated with the help of fire trucks. However, there was another Skyliner crash in 2021, but these incidents are rare.

Here’s more about the first Skyliner crash

Anna loses face…literally

We know a lot of our readers have opinions about the projected faces on the animatronics on Frozen Ever After in EPCOT. Well, when those projections don’t work, they literally provide nightmare fuel. Back in 2020, we were welcomed by an Anna that was missing her face — and y’all, it wasn’t pretty. 

Anna, are you okay?

We think this is a pretty good argument for the kind of animatronics on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure that have actual faces. The projections on animatronics always seem “off” to us.

Here’s video of Elsa’s missing face

Maleficent Dragon on Fire

Uh, yeah, fires anywhere are scary and terrifying, but what about when a MASSIVE dragon is on fire IN DISNEYLAND?

Last night during the second showing of Fantasmic in Disneyland, the Maleficent Dragon caught fire during the show. Thanks to @jodiesdisneywishes over on Instagram for sending us this video of what happened!

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) April 23, 2023

Back in April of 2023, during a performance of Fantasmic! in Disneyland, the beloved Maleficent dragon caught on fire. And, not like a small fire, like a MASSIVE FIRE. All guests were evacuated from the area and no one was hurt, but Fantasmic! closed in the park until May 2024. Disney has not rebuilt the dragon and has instead made adjustments to the show, but you can still see the dragon in Disney World!

50th Anniversary Octopus Drink

During Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, the parks introduced 150 new food and drink offerings. Some of them were wonderful and beloved, but others…well, others were Octopus Drinks.

Squid’s Revenge…yeah this was a weird one.

It was located in Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom (of all places??) and was called Squid’s Revenge. Let’s just say it went about as well as you might expect.

Read our full review of it here!

This Animatronic Lost Its HAND

This one gives us shivers every time we have to look at the photo so YOU’RE WELCOME, we’re suffering for you. During a ride on Carousel of Progress in 2020 (it was a rough year for everyone, okay?), we noticed that *sigh* poor John the animatronic was missing his hand.

Give this animatronic a hand!

He was doing a very good(ish) job of getting that Christmas turkey done though, so we were impressed! If only that darn oven wouldn’t overheat on him every time.

Plant Donald

Now this one is just hilarious. In early January 2021, during a ride on Gran Fiesta Tour, we noticed the animatronic of Donald had not only disappeared, but he had been replaced! …with a PLANT.

Mr. Donald Plant

Yes, it’s still just as funny now. The best part? They put a sombrero on the plant, almost as if to trick guests that a plant with a sombrero was DEFINITELY supposed to be there. Yep. Donald? Who’s Donald? It’s always been a plant. (If you’re traveling soon, don’t worry, actual Donald is back!)

New Year’s Crowds

If you think you’ve seen bad crowds in Disney World, allow us to show you a photo that will make you rethink your definition of the word. The holiday season is usually the busiest time of the year in Disney World, and that means Christmas AS WELL AS New Year’s! Take a look at what crowds looked like New Eve day in 2021.


And this was EVERYWHERE. All the parks, every section — you couldn’t move without bumping shoulders, and trying to stick with your party was HARD. We know that Disney World during the holidays is more than beautiful, and we love it too, but be prepared for HUGE crowds.

It’s our job to be in the parks on even the busiest days — here’s our secret!

We’re always here to not only keep you updated on all the latest Disney news, but also tell you entertaining stories like these, so stay tuned to DFB!

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