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I know. I’m kind of intrigued to find out what this article is going to be about, too. What writer narrows down their audience to just one-twelfth of the potential readership?

Welcome to Disney World

Well, I guess I’m just pretty sure that all you other zodiac signs are going to think we Virgos are crazy when you read these tips. So I’m trying to save face in addition to our reputation. (But…I already know that all the Scorpios are reading this because y’all don’t really recognize the concept of boundaries. And the Leos are here because they don’t ever like when they’re not included in something…even if they don’t actually want to be.)

Disney World Festival of Fantasy Parade

So I’ll just get on with it and assume that if you’re reading this, you either ARE a Virgo or you know a Virgo…so you won’t really be surprised.

Here we gooooo… .

1. Disney World is GROSS.

Virgos…let’s be honest with ourselves. We like things clean. Orderly and organized are our calling cards. But Disney World? It can be pure chaos for someone with our sensibilities.

Lots of folks ready to go at rope drop!

Kids are licking the mashed potato serving spoon at the buffet restaurant. There are unidentifiable substances on your seat in Dumbo the Flying Elephant. I promise you that about 99.9% of the hotel rooms and restaurant tables you’re assigned will have flaws. (Holes in the towels and cockroaches in the bathrooms at Disney resorts? It happens, my friends. It’s happened to me.)

Hollywood Studios

So we are going to have to arm ourselves with a healthy dose of zen when it comes to various surfaces around Walt Disney World, and lots and lots of wet wipes!

My MO in the parks is ziploc bags to keep things clean and separated in my park bag (especially sticky left-over lollipops, half-eaten granola bars, wet socks after that pop-up rain shower, etc), packs of wet wipes stored in multiple places like emergency cash when you’re on vacation, so many travel kleenex packs (anyone else have a kid who’s constantly allergic to…like…air?), and deep breathing techniques.

Ziploc Bags — A Must-Have

In the resorts, I legit check for bed bugs and always keep my suitcases off the floor and closed. Have I ever seen bed bugs in Disney hotels? Nope. Am I willing to risk it? Nope.

2. Your Meticulous Analysis and PRE-Preparation Will Shine Here.

YES!!!! That special part of you that borders on obsessive? Disney World is the perfect place to flex those muscles!

All the stuff

We Virgos love to pre-plan. We prepare to prepare. We have spreadsheets and color-coded documents. Post-it notes of ALL sizes. And more so than ever before, this hobby of ours is super useful when it comes to Disney World.

An old trip spreadsheet of mine when I had a toddler

With additions like the pre-paid, skip-the-line service Genie+, Early Entry that gets you into the park 30 minutes before everyone else, After Hours events, dining reservations you can book 60 days out, Virtual Queues for the most popular rides, and plenty of special events, meticulous planning is really the only way to get the most out of your vacation days and get the biggest bang for your very substantial buck here.

So revel in it, Virgos! Get out your highlighters, because THIS IS YOUR ROMAN EMPIRE!

3. That Perfectionism Will Be The End Of You.

Buuuut, there IS a villainous side to that “we do everything right and are perfect all the time” trait, Virgos. Our perfectionism can, unfortunately, make us into SUUUPER Debbie Downers in Disney World.

We work hard, but we analyze harder. And even though you put in all of that pre-planning, have a whole infographic on your phone of parade step-offs and Fantasmic showtimes, and booked the exact hotel you want along with five phone calls confirming they have your request of a corner room in the hallway that’s by the door that’s closest to EPCOT…something, my dear friends, will go wrong. Probably lots of things.


See point number one above. Disney World is gross. And chaotic. And there are SO many things out of your control. So even though you did everything right (and you DID do everything right…I promise you), not everything will end up as you expected.


So this is where that zen comes in again, friends. Build that flexibility into your trip for things to go wrong. My parents always used to laugh at me when I would literally schedule “spontaneous time” into my day when I was 16. But we Virgos…well, we need to schedule the time for things to go wrong the same way that we carefully plan for things to go right.

Rainstorms in EPCOT

Build those rest days into your schedule. Know the cancellation policies for hotels, restaurants, and events that you book just in case someone gets sick, burnt out, or throws a tantrum. Have a bonus day worked into the trip in case something in the plan gets rained out or your favorite ride breaks down on the day you’re supposed to ride it. Contingency plans are your friend here, Virgos. And we both know you’re good at building them.

Rain on Main Street

So there we go Virgos (and Scorpios and Leos): three top tips for the brilliant minds that are YOU. Let me know if you can corroborate these tips, or if there are some you completely disagree with! I’d love to hear from others in our cohort!

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