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A previously SOLD OUT day is available again in Magic Kingdom! 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Last month, Walt Disney World announced the details on how previews would work for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure would work. For Annual Passholders, the procedure would require them to book a park pass reservation for one of the given dates, Once their reservation was secure, they would be able to attempt to join a virtual queue at 7:00AM and 1:00PM that day. The passes for available days sold out quickly, however we noticed one opened back up today. 

As of June 7th, AP Park Pass reservations are once again available for June 20th, which is also a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure preview day! If you’re going to try snagging one however, act fast as they’re sure to sell out again. 


If you grab a Magic Kingdom reservation, you will be eligible to try and join the 7:00AM virtual queue and if that fails, the 1:00PM virtual queue. If you grab one for one of Walt Disney World’s other theme parks, you won’t be eligible for the 7:00AM queue drop, but you will be able to try for the 1:00PM drop. 

It’s interesting that there may be a further opportunity to possibly get into a preview of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, given the fact that the new attraction’s soft opening previews have been a bit of a mess so far. As with most major attractions, Tiana’s has seen numerous breakdowns and shutdowns during its preview period, which even impacted our own attempts to ride. It’ll be interesting to see if things are running smoother by the end of June. 

Lines for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure previews

If you’re an AP Holder who still wants to try for a preview of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure before the ride opens to the general public later this month, you may be in luck… if you act fast. Stay tuned to DFB for more Walt Disney World news updates. 

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Are you an AP Holder who’s planning to try for a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure preview? Let us know in the comments below. 

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