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IT’S HERE! We just got a chance to ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — which officially opens to the public on June 28th.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

During this time, Cast Members, Annual Passholders, and DVC Members have a chance to preview the ride before it officially opens. We’ve gotten looks at some of the new characters we’ll meet on the ride and what some of the animatronics will look like, but now we’re taking a deep dive into how detailed this queue really is!

For some background info, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is located in the same spot and ride building as Splash Mountain was in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. The story of the ride picks up a year after The Princess and The Frog film ends.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Tiana has opened her dream restaurant, Tiana’s Palace, and now she’s preparing to host a Mardi Gras party for the town! But Tiana realizes the party is missing one final key ingredient, and that’s where we come in. Guests will join Tiana and Louis on the hunt for the final ingredient where you’ll meet tons of unexpected new friends along the way and work towards getting the party ready for the town.


Don’t worry — the ride still features the same 5-story drop Splash Mountain did and is still 11-12 minutes long, but has an all-new look and storyline to enjoy as you ride. While there won’t be a standby queue for this ride when it opens to the public (virtual queue and Genie+ only), it’s still expected to garner quite a large response, meaning lines may get long. So what can you expect to see in the queue?

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at night!

Disney has already given us a few sneak peeks into what to expect in this ride queue, such as more of the backstory behind Tiana and her family. Her mother was a dressmaker and her father, James, a decorated veteran. To ensure the photos of Tiana’s father were accurate and honoring real military families who visit the ride, Disney Imagineers looked at real photos of soldiers who served during WWI.


Photos of James’ expanded stories show the soldiers who served in the 369th Regiment, which was one of the first African American regiments to serve with the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. The French Government awarded many members of this unit the prestigious Croix de Guerre medal for their valiant service in action and were well known for their bravery.


But now it’s finally time to step into the queue for ourselves!


We were so excited to step into this beautiful Main Entrance building for the first time!


There’s so much to explore here!

So much to explore!

We loved getting a closer look at the Tiana’s Bayou General building, which is where guests will exit at the end of the ride.

Tiana’s Bayou General!

We even spotted a hint to the Tiana’s Hot Sauces, which are bottled “at” Tiana’s Foods.

Bottling Plant Sign!

And then we spotted these adorable posters.


Turns out, they’re advertising some of the new characters we get to see on the ride!

Too cute

We couldn’t get enough — they’re too cute!

We love the detail!

One of the best parts of the queue was the music coming out of these gramophones constantly. There’s a fake radio station playing every kind of New Orleans music jazz you can imagine, and we LOVED it!

The music is INCREDIBLE!

And there’s even some gardening in the queue as well, to remind us all that the ingredients for Tiana’s Foods is made right here.

Growing their own ingredients

You’ll even find some gardening tools to really complete the illusion.

Garden tools!

We also spotted a few more posters near an arrow directing us to the Spice Room.

Spice Room!

And we got a look at the area where guests will find their photos after the ride! It’s filled with fun knickknacks like watering cans, plants, more gardening tools, etc.

Where you’ll grab your photos!

And yes, there’s a Children’s Garden too!

Children’s Garden

It’s a smaller garden near a larger stand that holds a lantern, pots, plants, a birdhouse, and more.

So adorable

We also got our first real look at the new mural!

A closer look at the mural!

It’s absolutely stunning, and we really love the style of artwork.

We love this style

And this is NOT an easy surface to paint on, so we’re impressed!

It looks amazing!

There’s also a whole CAR in front of the mural that belongs to Tiana’s Foods! The quote says “Never, ever lose sight of what’s really important.”

We love it!

We’re almost to the building! If you look up, you’ll see the Tiana’s Food logo and a beautiful lantern!

Heading into the building!

If you look at some of the boxes around, you’ll also get a chance to really see some of the products Tiana’s Foods makes.

In the story, Tiana has bought the salt mine, meaning they can make this themselves!

Pecan Oil? Love it!

So cool!

But some ingredients come from other places, like Wong Family Groves. We’re obsessed with all the details!

You really have to look for these details!

Our FAVORITE detail though was spotting Ray and Evangeline in the brickwork! 

Ray and Evangeline!

Big drop ahead!

Heed this warning!

Look at those beignets! We will take a plate for ourselves!

Kitchen in the Queue

A closer look at the kitchen.


BRB we are filing this recipe away to make Tiana’s famous beignets at home! (Actually, we really DO have her recipe right here!)

Recipe Card

On top of the fridge of course you can find your kitchen essentials like salt and pepper!


We want to steal all the recipes! Of course you need butter and grease to cook!

We love all these details in the kitchen!

We will take extra powdered sugar on our beignets, please!

Pans and Ingredients

How could we forget! Tiana is so sweet for inviting everyone to her Mardi Gras party!

An important reminder!

Looks like Louis got to be part of Tiana and Naveen’s wedding day!

Tiana and Naveen’s Wedding Photo

Look how cute Tiana and Naveen are!

More photos

Of course Tiana has a fully stocked pantry!

The pantry is stocked!

Looks like we have some peanuts and some eggs, along with Tiana’s Foods hot sauce!

Rows and rows of ingredients!

We wish we could book a reservation to Tiana’s Palace!

Tiana’s Palace Sign

We love that Tiana was so successful that she was able to open Tiana’s Foods after opening Tiana’s Palace!

A newspaper article about the “Grand Opening of Tiana’s Foods”

We loved this little shelf with the painted pot!

Shelf in the queue

We could not think of a better place to display awards! Look at that 1st place ribbon for hot sauce!


We want to try Tiana’s hot sauce!

Tiana’s Foods Hot Sauce

We want to have these to cook with in our kitchen at home!

More of Tiana’s Packaged Foods

Belongings of those who work at Tiana’s Foods!

How cute!

Let’s take a closer look!

Check out these posters!

We want to go to “Beignet Wednesdays!” Make sure you listen to Tiana, Naveen, and Louis on WNO! Maybe you’ll be able to help Avery find her missing license plate!

Posters in line

Along with hot sauces it looks like Tiana’s Foods also sells packaged peppers and jalapenos!

Tiana’s Foods Products

This newspaper announces Tiana’s Mardi Gras party that we are all invited to!

Hey we want to go to that party!

Look at the details of the books on the desk!

Books on desk

Sticking with the times, of course Tiana needs a typewriter to write and keep people updated on her successes with Tiana’s Foods and Tiana’s Palace!


More details on the desk!


We love that Tiana has this sweet picture of her and her family above her desk. And check out the river boat and frog!

Above Tiana’s Desk

Can’t forget these important dates!


Since Tiana’s Foods is a business, of course employees need to clock in and out with their punch cards!

Punch cards

We think this is such a fantastic queue to keep guests engaged while they wait for their turn to ride, and we can’t wait to see how the general public reacts when they get to experience it themselves for the first time.

More details

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