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Universal Orlando Resort has announced that the Epic Universe Preview Center will open in June, giving guests a closer look at everything coming to the new park. A model for the new theme park will be on display in CityWalk, but we have a behind the scenes look at the making of the Epic Universe model.

Epic Universe Model

The Epic Universe model took 9 months to complete, with a team of 10 scenic artists and 7 make up artists. Everything on the model is hand painted, and the make up artists were brought on to paint the tiny details. The models estimated cost was $1 million.

Overview & Celestial Park

Before placing model buildings and ride tracks, the artists created an outline of the park areas.

They added themed flooring. The note “F&B” on the table indicates where a food and beverage location will be.

This is the Chronos device at the entrance of Epic Universe. It’s the magical machine that allows guests to be transported into other worlds. The entrance tower on the model is electrical, with the sun gradually changing to the moon at night.

Artists created the miniature Chronos device and other elements of the model with tiny panels.

They used a pin to poke pieces out of this panel.

At the top of this photo is Super Nintendo World. At the bottom is part of Celestial Park.

Celestial Park is the center of Epic Universe. The purple and blue buildings on the water in this photo are Constellation Carousel.

At the top of this photo is How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk. In the center is the yellow dual-racing coaster, Stardust Racers. Originally dubbed Starfall Racers, it was recently renamed due to trademark infringement.

The octagon on the water in these photos is Atlantic, a restaurant by Chef Martinez.

As seen in the model, the pavement of Celestial Park will feature decorative circles. There will be fountains in the water features.

The empty space in this photo is where the Helios Grand Hotel will be, at the opposite end of the park’s main entrance. A large water feature is in front of the in-park hotel.

Stardust Racers feature yellow and gold tracks that curve over a body of water.

Artists used this concept art as reference when creating the model. It depicts two train cars about to pass each other over the water.

They dart through dozens of trees over a grassy space.

Every detail has been planned out, down to the placement of the trees.

The miniature trees are all placed exactly where the real ones will be planted in the park.

The rides were 3D printed and then painted.

The base of the model was mapped out and then painted in a latex green paint before modeling grass was added.

The modeling grass was added a foot square at a time and took 12 hours to dry.

Adding grass to the base of the model was a very time consuming.

The Stardust Racers building features a green rooftop.

Gold and green railings surround the loading platforms.

The model includes all the pathways of Epic Universe winding through various types of trees and plants.

The base of the model is made of thick, firm foam that could be easily carved and landscaped.

This circle of pavement features a celestial-inspired etched design.

The model was constructed in pieces, on wheeled tables that could be moved around and pieces together.

Tiny model people help give a sense of scale.

Vines cover the overhang of this building, which has thin golden columns. It’s located between Stardust Racers and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter entrance. It has a golden domed tower.

This part of the building resembles a greenhouse with glass walls and golden details. There are brick columns on either side of the doorway.

Artists prepared tiny trucks filled with foliage.

A “tree legend” was used to place all the miniature trees.

Here’s a look at the trees before being “planted” on the model.

The entire department that worked on the model signed the wooden base before the final piece of foam was glued to the base.

Dark Universe

These small black trees are for Dark Universe.

Artists wrapped this green trellis in vines.

Dark Universe is the world of Universal Classic Monsters. The portal is beneath a large twisted tree.

An overgrown courtyard features cobblestones, statues, and graves.

The land has a village of dark stone houses.

A fountain is in the center of a courtyard.

A wagon sits on a cobblestone walkway.

Details of Dark Universe have yet to be announced but it has an outdoor roller coaster rumored to be named Curse of the Werewolf.

This photo shows a miniature windmill atop a building.

A later photo shows the building covered in rocks and foliage. The windmill also has fake fire. This will be the Burning Blade Tavern.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic

One photo shows the Parisian streets of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic. It’s inspired by Place Cachee of the “Fantastic Beasts” films and the British Ministry of Magic in “Harry Potter.”

Super Nintendo World – Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country will be at the back of Super Nintendo World, behind the Mushroom Kingdom. It will feature the roller coaster Mine-Cart Madness, which is also coming soon to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

Tiny huts have straw rooves.

Mine-Cart Madness goes through a golden temple.

The unique ride is designed to look like the mine cart vehicles are jumping over gaps in the track, but they are actually attached to a hidden sideways track.

One hut features a “Kong” sign.

There’s a crashed plane in the Donkey Kong Country jungle.

Epic Universe is the fourth Universal Orlando Resort park, scheduled to open next year. More details will be revealed soon, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

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