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The new Disney Eats donut and Stitch Attacks donuts collections are available at Disneyland Resort.

Stitch Attacks Snacks Donuts Collection

Pin Set – $34.99

We found the pin set at 20th Century Music Company in Disneyland. It has three pins, one depicting a chocolate donut with colorful sprinkles. The other two pins depict Stitch and Angel eating chocolate donuts. The pins come on a pink shirt-shaped backing card patterned with strawberry pink and chocolate donuts.

Stitch Plush – $34.99

Stitch is holding a giant donut covered in sprinkles and chocolate icing. He has a big smile and one of his eyes is half-closed.

The donut includes white dots creating Mickey heads. On the bottom of his left foot is a Stitch Attacks Snacks patch listing him as series 6 of 12.

He wears a pink button-up shirt. It features the same pattern as the pin set’s backing card.

Angel Plush – $34.99

Angel is holding an equally big donut with strawberry pink frosting and sprinkles. She’s winking her right eye.

Angel’s patch lists her as series 3 of 9 because the first three Stitch Attacks Snacks series didn’t include an Angel plush.

Her dress has the same pattern as Stitch’s shirt. We found both plush in the Emporium.

Disney Eats Donuts Collection

We found the entire Disney Eats donuts collection at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District. The tumbler and ear headband were also available at the Emporium.

Spirit Jersey – $79.99

The top half of the Spirit Jersey is pink and the bottom half is white. It has a dripping effect and sprinkles where the two colors meet.

A large Mickey-shaped donut with pink icing is printed on the white section near the hem.

The Disneyland “D” logo is made of silicone on the left breast. It looks like a donut with a yellow border, white icing, and colorful sprinkles. “EST. 1955” is below the logo.

“Disneyland Resort” is across the back, also in white icing lettering with sprinkles and yellow borders.

Ear Headband – $39.99

The ear headband has plastic donut-shaped ears covered in fake pink frosting.

There are colorful textured sprinkles on the ears. The bow is covered in darker pink sequins.

The outside of the headband is pink pleather. A blue Disney Eats tag is on one side. The inside of the headband is a light tan color.

Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

This backpack’s front pocket is a large pink-frosted Mickey-shaped donut. The rest of the bag is white with a colorful sprinkles pattern.

The plastic of the donut pocket is shiny.

A white metal Disney Parks x Loungefly tag is on the front, above the small pocket. The zippers are gold-tone with pink pleather lining.

The side slip pockets appear to be dripping with pink frosting.

The straps, handle, and bottom of the bag are also pink.

The sprinkles pattern continues onto the back of the bag.

The interior is pale pink with a Mickey donut pattern.

Starbucks Tumbler – $29.99

The last item in the collection is the Starbucks tumbler. You might have to speak to a Cast Member at checkout to find this.

It’s made of shiny translucent pink plastic. There are opaque rainbow sprinkles all over it.

“Disneyland Resort” is in white frosting-like lettering on the side.

It has a domed lid and a candy-striped straw.

These collections are also available at Walt Disney World.

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