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Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Disney World could be one of the most unique theme parks in the world.

Zebra on Kilimanjaro Safaris

Sure, it has some fun rides and a very cool land themed after Pandora from the Avatar movies. But it’s also got so many ANIMALS to see, too. Not only can you see animals doing their thing on the savanna on a safari ride, but you can also take one of Animal Kingdom’s many walking trails to see many different species. Even better, Disney is doing its part to bring more animals into the world, especially those that are endangered, so baby animals are often born at the park. Now, two NEW baby animals have come into the world to call Animal Kingdom home.

First up, it’s a girl! On June 13th, a baby precious Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal was welcomed into the world at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Both mom and the baby are doing well, and Disney promises that the two will soon be out on the savanna.


Look at her! Isn’t she so sweet?


But this precious little zebra isn’t the only baby animal to come into the world recently. A new baby eland was also recently born at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Animal Kingdom Lodge has serious baby fever right now!). This is the first birth for her mother, Cleo — they’re both doing great, too, and they’re getting in some mother-daughter bonding time at a backstage barn.

Sweet baby face

An eland is a kind of antelope found in East and Southern Africa, by the way, in case you were wondering. It’s the second largest antelope in the world, so this little baby is going to grow up to be big and strong.


Want to see these animals? Get yourself a dining reservation at one of the hotel’s AMAZING dining spots (Jiko, Boma, or Sanaa) and spend some time viewing the animals from the hotel — you’ll even find experts willing to answer any questions you might have about the animals you see.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Of course, you can also book a room at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and if you have a savanna view or partial savanna view room, you could wake up each morning, walk out onto your balcony, and see all the wildlife that lives there.

Savanna view from room

Of course, no trip to Disney World is complete without also visiting Animal Kingdom and seeing all the animals there, too!

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