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Disney World is filled with so much magic, it’s called the Most Magical Place on Earth for a reason!

Welcome to the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Getting to finally ride a new attraction like TRON Lightcycle / Run in the Magic Kingdom or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT can be so exciting, but we also like the little things around the parks. We asked our Disney World-loving team here at DFB what odd things in Disney World boost their serotonin, and some of these answers you might even relate to!

Our team is in the parks every day, so we tend to notice all the little things. When we see them, it reminds us of why we love Disney World so much and the happiness it can bring to people! We compiled a list of eight odd but instant serotonin boosts around the parks.

Cinderella Castle

Getting Pixie-Dusted 

Getting pixie dusted is not just for young princesses and princes but also for kids at heart too! Did you know that you could get pixie-dusted for FREE? 

Sir Mickey’s Gift Shop

Right behind the castle in Fantasyland, you will find Sir Mickey’s, here, you can ask a Cast Member if they could pixie dust you. Sometimes you might already see a Cast Member pixie-dusting another person, and you can politely wait behind them and ask to be pixie-dusted as well!

Sir Mickey’s Gift Shop

We know that it is just getting glitter sprinkled on your head, but it is also more than that. Seeing the smiles of someone getting pixie-dusted is priceless, and it is also a free memory to make!

All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust!

Seeing Our Favorite Wonky-Eyed Hippo

We love classic rides like “it’s a small world!” so much that we have our favorite friends inside!

“it’s a small world!”

One of our favorites is the big purple hippo! We look forward to when we finally see her, and she winks at us! 

There she is!

The next time you are in Magic Kingdom, make sure to go and see her!

Our favorite Hippo!

Passing by Attractions with History

Magic Kingdom is home to many classic attractions, two of which actually used to exist in Disneyland, but they are now defunct.


When we are walking through Tomorrowland and passing by the PeopleMover or the Carousel of Progress, we feel a sense of relief that they still exist in Disney World, and we are grateful that they are still here.

Fall on Carousel of Progress

Even if we don’t ride them, we are just glad to still see that these two amazing and history filled rides are still running at Disney World. This is our formal petition to Disney to never close these two attractions.

Carousel of Progress

The Smell of Pirates of the Caribbean Water

We love that feeling when you get in the queue of Pirates of the Caribbean, and the air starts to feel more humid, and you can smell the wonderful scent of the attraction’s water.

Pirates of the Caribbean

That scent that you smell is actually Bromine, which Disney uses to keep the water clean on its water attractions.

Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World

This is because bromine is not as harsh on your skin or clothing as chlorine is. Just like chlorine, it has a distinct scent that Disney lovers have come to associate with Disney World. Sometimes, we will be out in a mall, and we are drawn to the scent of a fountain because it reminds us of Disney World!


People Watching on Main Street

We go to Disney World every day, and people often ask us how we keep the magic alive. Sometimes, our answer is because we get to see Disney World through others’ eyes!

Main Street

When we visit the Magic Kingdom in our free time, we like to take a moment on Main Street and look around and take it all in.

Taking in the sights!

It is so special to see a family walk in and see the castle for the first time. Or to see a couple split a Mickey Bar. Or see a child’s face light up when they get to pick out a Mickey Balloon. 

Main Street Railroad Station

Little moments like these are what make Disney World such a special place.

Disney World Balloons

Watching the Spaceship Earth Light Shows

For Disney World’s 50th birthday, each of the four park icons got an upgrade to be “Beacons of Magic” at night. The 50th anniversary has come and gone, but one thing that stayed was the “Beacon of Magic,” at EPCOT and we are so glad it did!

Cinderella Castle’s “Beacon of Magic”

Spaceship Earth arguably got one of the biggest upgrades. Lights were installed all around the attraction, and with this addition came new light shows.

Spaceship Earth at night

No matter how many times we have seen them, we love to stop for a moment and admire them. With the music playing and the beautiful light displays, you can’t help but pause to take it all in.

Spaceship Earth

While we love each of the shows, we especially love the Muppets Rainbow Connection show during the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts! 

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me!

The Tomorrowland Music Loop

There is something about the Tomorrowland music loop that just makes us so happy! Especially the music that plays in Space Mountain’s Star Tunnel. It just tickles our brains in all the right ways!

Space Mountain

Even when we are not at Disney World, we are either writing about Disney World or even just thinking about Disney World. When we need background music to help us work, we like to play the Tomorrowland music loop in the background!


Kind Words of Cast Members at the Animation Experience at Conservation Station

Did you know that Magic Kingdom is not the only park with a train? You can actually take a train in Animal Kingdom to the Conservation Station. At the Conservation Station, you can partake in the Animation Experience and learn how to draw some of your favorite Disney characters!

The Animation Experience

One of our favorite parts of this experience is at the end when the Cast Member tells everyone that they did a great job on their first sketches. It may just be a simple compliment, but we can’t help but get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that someone will always remember those kind words!

The Animation Experience

Even though we are always going to Disney World, there is still magic in the odd and little things around the resort, and they all give us a boost of serotonin!

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What odd things in Disney World boost you serotonin levels? Share them in the comments!

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