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Work on the floor of Prince Charming Regal Carrousel in Magic Kingdom is almost complete and crews continue to repaint the attraction’s sculpted friezes.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Refurbishment

Images in gold frames on the entablature tell the story of Disney’s “Cinderella.” The friezes feature eagles and angels, left over from the carousel’s first life as The Liberty Carousel. Crews have removed the paint from the friezes and are repainting them.

This section looks freshly repainted purple, blue, and pink, with some silver and gold accents.

These sections are more plain. They haven’t been completely repainted and fresh gold leaf hasn’t been applied. Some of the lights have also been turned off during work.

The dark brown wood flooring is also being cleaned and restained. There’s a clear difference between the old flooring (right) and the refreshed flooring (left).

During floor work, some of the carousel’s horses were roped off. The ride has remained open during the refurbishment project, however.

The freshly cleaned and stained floorboards are shiny and dark.

The boards that have yet to be refurbished are faded and covered in scuff marks from guests walking on them. About five rows worth of flooring has yet to be refurbished.

This includes the row with a bench.

On the column in the center of the carousel, some of the paneling above the mirrors has received new paint. These panels feature blue diamonds with gold borders against a red background.

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