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We were recently able to visit and tour Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, including a look at amenities, transportation, attractions, food, beverages, and merchandise. Join us on a tour of Disney’s newest island destination.

Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point joins Castaway Cay as one of the two Disney islands available to Disney Cruise Line guests.

In May, a Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point map was revealed, displaying the amenities, transportation, attractions, food, beverages, and merchandise available on the island.

The Dock and Lookout Landing

We disembarked from the ship and made our way to Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point. The walk from the ship to the island was about 10-15 minutes, so be prepared for a bit of a hike.

Once off the dock, we arrived at Lookout Landing. Here, we found charter boat check-in at Turbot Berth, food and beverages at Mangroves & Go, and merchandise at First & Last Chance Stand.

Mabrika Cove Cabanas

From Lookout Landing, we walked to Mabrika Cove to explore its cabanas. They are elevated one-room buildings available to families and guests of all ages.

Each cabana features a green couch, two blue armless chairs, and multiple wooden tables. The maximum capacity of each cabana is 31.

Each cabana contains a refrigerator, indoor shower, towels, and garbage can.

Cabanas have their own private decks, which feature one round table and multiple cushioned chairs.

There are also two orange and grey cushioned loungers.

Cabanas have beach access and beautiful views of the ocean. Guests also have access to a private outdoor shower to rinse off after going in the sand.

Each deck has built-in shades so guests can stay out of the sun. There are also sliding glass doors that can close to create a more private indoor space.

After our tour of the Mabrika Cove Cabanas, we made our way to the Mabrika Cove Tram Stop.

There, we jumped aboard the tram and were brought to the main part of the island.

Goombay Cultural Center

The tram dropped us off at the Goombay Cultural Center tram stop. This area serves as the hub of the main part of Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

Here, guests will find two shops, Disney T’ings and Treasures of Eleuthera.

We went inside Disney T’ings to take a look at the available merchandise.

Treasures of Eleuthera is named after the island that’s home to Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point. The building has openings on all four walls, so guests can view merchandise as they pass by.

As we walked through this area, we also noticed a Junkanoo-inspired Mickey Mouse photo op.

In this area, guests can also get their hair braided at Plaits & Pleats, visit The Gathering Tree, or head to another bicycle rental location, Rocky Point.

We continued our tour by heading to the Goombay Cultural Center, where we viewed a special preview of “RUSH! A Junkanoo Celebration.” Guests will have the opportunity to experience this show when they visit Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

After the show, we traveled down the left pathway and arrived at Bow & Ribbon Bar.

From there, we made our way past Flippers & Fins. Here, guests can rent snorkel equipment and then take it out to explore the ocean of Family Beach.

From there, we went to an area featuring Watering Hole Bar and Sandsational Smoothies. Watering Hole Bar is surrounded by a wooden deck with umbrellas where guests can enjoy food and beverages.

Sandsational Smoothies is located next to Watering Hole Bar.

Right next to Sandsational Smoothies, families can enjoy Rush Out Gush Out.

The area has two water slides and an interactive water play area.

From here, we went past True-True BBQ. The location is one of three BBQ restaurants on Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

This area has ample seating, all covered to protect guests from weather conditions.

Sebastian’s Cove

After lunch, we went and explored Sebastian’s Cove.

Family members of all ages can enjoy this water play area.

It’s themed after “The Little Mermaid” and features plenty of characters from under the sea.

The play area has shooting water fountains and is completely covered, providing shade from the sun on the hottest of days.

The Sebastian’s Cove play area is encircled by sand, so kids can play away from the ocean.

After leaving Sebastian’s Cove, we took a right and made a quick stop at the Reef & Wreck Bar.

From there we walked along the beach to the area with Play-Play Pavilion.

At Play-Play Pavilion, guests will find activities and games for all ages.

Serenity Bay

We then made our way to the final part of the island, Serenity Bay. Serenity Bay is an area for guests 18 years and older. At this location, adults can rent cabanas identical to the ones available at Mabrika Cove.

The outdoor deck space has the same table and chairs as in Mabrika Cove.

Two loungers are available for guests to relax.

The deck is covered with shades to protect guests from the hot Bahamian sun.

The interior space has two blue armless chairs, a green couch, and three wooden end tables.

The windows of each cabana are protected by wooden shutters that allow for air to flow through the space.

After touring the Serenity Bay cabanas, we made our final stop at the Blue Hole Bar. This bar and Serenity Bay BBQ are also reserved for guests 18 years and older.

After exploring the island, we walked back along the dock to rest aboard the Disney Magic.

Watch our full tour in video form below:

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