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Gertie the Dinosaur’s tail in Echo Lake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is currently wrapped in tarps, likely for a refurbishment.

Gertie the Dinosaur’s Tail Cast

Gertie’s tail is in a “cast” for a possible refurbishment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

— WDW News Today (@WDWNT) June 19, 2024

We first spotted the tail cast over a week ago. Gertie’s tail sits partially on the beach of Echo Lake. But when viewed from most angles, it looks like it’s sticking out of the water behind the body of the dinosaur.

When we initially saw the tarps, some of Gertie’s tail had clearly been removed. The tarps covered a support for the tail structure.

Now, the tail has been restored. The tarps remain but the tail looks taller and smoother than it did a week ago.

The tarps are pulled taut and are a similar color to the rest of Gertie, so they almost blend in. It’s possible the tail’s exterior was replaced but hasn’t been repainted yet. The bottom of the tail gets dirty and worn from the water, so the structural integrity may have been compromised.

For comparison, above is a photo of Gertie with her tail currently wrapped in tarps and below is Gertie and her unwrapped tail during Christmas time.

The life-size dinosaur sculpture is the home to Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction. The venue is a tribute to “Gertie the Dinosaur,” a 1914 silent film by Winsor McCay. “Gertie the Dinosaur” was one of the first-ever animated films and inspired Walt Disney, particularly influencing the dinosaur sequence of “Fantasia.”

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