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Crystal Arts at Magic Kingdom has added glass water bottles to their available Crystal Wish Keepers. At this station, guests can create their own souvenirs by filling a curio with the colored crystals of their choice. Other Crystal Wish Keepers include glass wands, slippers, and pens.

Crystal Wish Bottles – $59

The available bottles feature different etched designs. This one on display is inspired by Minnie Mouse. Her face is pictured, with her polka-dot bow. She’s surrounded by hearts and dots.

The crystals go in a compartment at the bottom of the bottle. The bottles have wood or stainless steel caps and bases. There are cap options with loop straps on top.

Other bottles feature Princess Cinderella, Cinderella Castle with fireworks, and Tinker Bell.

There’s a Mickey Mouse design to match Minnie. It features Mickey’s face and an all-over pattern of mouse heads and dots.

The Crystal Wish Keepers station opens at 11 a.m. Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers is on Main Street, U.S.A.

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