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Crew members are hard at work on the grounds expansion coming to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park.

Haunted Mansion Construction Update

We got a look at the construction updates going on in the Haunted Mansion queue area while riding the Mark Twain River Boat. The walled-off construction area begins right up against Tiana’s Palace in New Orleans Square, to the left of the Mansion.

Portions of the brick wall at the far side of the queue have been removed in the construction. This work is all being done for a major grounds expansion that will revamp the outdoor queue area with more immersion and themed elements. This will include gardens and a new gift shop.

The wooden walls that separate the hillside from the queue area have been lined with what appear to be sheets of metal.

There is also newly-added greet tubing coming from the ground. Once completed, this area will be home to the extended queue gardens area, completed with a gazebo, fountain, and a greenhouse.

Crew members could be seen working near the front of the Mansion. The outside of the Haunted Mansion will not be changed during the construction work.

The front patio of the Mansion is sectioned off, with work happening on both sides of the plastic tarp. The construction walls here have proven to be unique, debuting the first construction walls with MagicBand+ integration, and a lenticular gallery of the Mansion’s changing portraits.

Moving further to the right side, we arrive at the future location of the attraction’s gift shop. Here, behind the trees on the right side of the image, will be the Mansion’s carriage house that is converted into a gift shop owned by Madame Leota.

While the exit crypt structure remains intact, the brick walls around it are removed. The two crypts to the right of it have not been changed since our last visit.

Taking a look at the concept art above, it appears as though those two crypts will be replaced by the gift shop. In addition to the grounds expansion, there is a rumor that when the Mansion reopens later this year, it will be with changes to the attic and Hitchhiking Ghosts scenes.

Are you looking forward to changes coming to the Haunted Mansion. Let us know in the comments below.

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