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There are some big no-nos when it comes to going to Disney World.

Cinderella Castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

You shouldn’t break theme park rules or plan too much for your day so that your family gets overwhelmed and exhausted. You shouldn’t skip water breaks throughout the day or yell at Cast Members. But one other common rule that we usually tell our followers — you shouldn’t break in new shoes during your Disney World vacation!

During a Disney World trip, you’ll likely be walking 20,000+ steps a day in the theme parks, which is a LOT more than many people are used to. Because of this, we recommend that you bring the most comfortable walking shoes you own and test them out ahead of time.


However, we’ve seen many a Disney World visitor make the mistake of breaking in new shoes during their trip. Even if they’re comfortable shoes you’ve owned in the past, breaking in a new pair is a BAD idea — trust us, we’ve been there! You’ll end up with blisters and achy feet by the end of day one or two.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you absolutely MUST bring new shoes to Disney World, there is one way you could possibly test them out, though. Recently, I wore a new pair of sandals to a half-day visit to Disney Springs as a trial run. I was only in the shopping and dining complex for a few hours, and all the walking to and from different stores and restaurants helped me to get a good gauge for whether I could wear the shoes longer.

Disney Springs

Spoiler alert — I have decided that the particular pair of shoes will NOT be added into my regular rotation for the parks. However, I got to figure that out in a low-key environment with minimal discomfort. That’s why I recommend trying out any new shoes in Disney Springs or around your resort first — go for an extended walk and see if you might be able to handle wearing them all day.

Walk around Disney Springs a bit!

Don’t subject yourself to 13 hours of torture in the parks by wearing new shoes that are untested! Make sure to break them in before your trip or try them out in a less strenuous capacity. Your feet will thank you!

Animal Kingdom

Stay tuned to DFB for more news and updates from Disney World, as well as all the tips for your upcoming vacation. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know!

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Oh boy, planning a Disney trip can be quite the adventure, and we totally get it! But fear not, dear friends, we compiled EVERYTHING you need (and the things to avoid!) to plan the ULTIMATE Disney vacation.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, our insider tips and tricks will have you exploring the parks like never before. So come along with us, and get planning your most magical vacation ever!

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