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It’s no secret that it gets HOT and humid in Florida in the summer!

A sunny day in Hollywood Studios!

That means that for people visiting Disney World in the summer, you have to be strategic about keeping cool and staying hydrated. Lots of breaks, plenty of water, and of course, sometimes we need a little extra help from special gadgets! In the past, we’ve tried cooling towels and hand fans to chill out, but recently, I tried a VIRAL neck fan in the parks…and it was a disaster.

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Both this summer and last summer, neck fans have been all the rage in Disney World. And among the host of options, two brands have been incredibly popular on Amazon — ASNUG and JISULIFE. I tried both options on separate (significantly warm) days in the parks, and I’ve got some hot takes to share!

Neck fans

First up, I rolled out the ASNUG! Before my visit to the parks, I charged the fan for about an hour and a half, which was not enough time to get the battery to full capacity. You can charge both fans using a USB-C charging cable (which they come with).

Personal Neck Fan

The neck fan has three speeds, which you toggle between by pressing the power button on the side. I thought the power button had a pretty convenient location on this particular fan — right on the side of the fan mechanism itself. Top speed was my preferred method, so that’s what I stuck with for most of the day.

Power button

Ultimately, the battery lasted me about 2 hours and 15 minutes before it died completely. I found that it was pretty difficult to take on and off, based on the shape and the material it was made of (it stuck to my skin). It did do a good job of keeping my neck from sweating, and the air blows nicely on my cheekbones, but there was one glaring problem…

Vents on the fan

it ATE my hair! I was wearing my hair down on this particular day and the fan sucked a piece of it into the side of the mechanism. Within seconds, that hair got twisted around the interior blades and a small section of hair got pulled out of my head! Thankfully, it wasn’t a huge loss, but this would be a major drawback for people with long hair who plan to wear it down.

It ate my hair!

Ultimately, the fan worked fine and I liked the direction of the air it blew, but the battery life and the hair-eating were huge downsides for me. So moral of the story here, fully charge the fan and wear your hair up!! 


The other fan I tried was the JISULIFE, which we ordered in a classic white color. I also used the provided USB-C cable to charge this fan for 1.5 hours before use, but its battery lasted more than 3 hours and 15 minutes with the same charge time as the other.


I found the JISULIFE fan to be a little easier to slide on and off, thanks to its material and more open, rounded shape. However, because of its shape, it ends up mostly blowing air on my neck and chin, missing my face entirely.

It’s a bit wider

Also, the power button was difficult to find when actually wearing the fan, because it’s in the middle of the band, near the back. I had to feel around for a while to turn it off or to change between the three speeds.

The power button was in a weird spot

This fan did also have problems with sucking pieces of my hair into the mechanism, however, it didn’t rip out my hair like the ASNUG model did. Still not ideal, but a definite improvement.

Thankfully didn’t rip out my hair

While this one had a much better battery life and less hair damage, the design didn’t allow for ideal air flow and the button was difficult to locate.



So in the end, neither fan was really my ideal method of keeping cool in Disney World but we do see the benefits to them! If you wear your hair up and they are fully charged, they can be a great option if you need a hands free option. We see ya parents who are pushing a stroller, holding little ones, etc!

We know for many, holding something in your hand isn’t practical. For me, personally prefer a handheld option that I can move around and focus on different parts of my face and body at my leisure. This handheld option is tiny and can also charge your phone!



That’s a wrap on my neck fan test in Disney World! Stay tuned to DFB for more tips on what to take to the parks.

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