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A series of Country Bear Vacation Jamboree merchandise will be available from Tokyo Disney Resort beginning on Thursday, June 13, in honor of the show’s return last month. The merchandise is currently only available to view in the Tokyo Disney Resort app and not on the website. Items will likely be available to purchase at the Country Bear Bandwagon.

Vacation Jamboree Folder Set – ¥1,200

This set includes four folders, each featuring a different bear or group in their vacation gear. The folders are a sandy tan color with the blue sky and ocean in the background.

The first folder features Henry. The MC wears a Hawai’ian shirt and orange board shorts. His top hat is decorated with a pink hibiscus. He holds a patched-up beach ball. Each folder has a nautical rope-like border with seashells in the corners and the character’s name on a banner at the bottom.

The backs of the folders feature a Country Bear Theater logo with a bear relaxing in a beach chair.

The fronts of most of the folders are plastic with the images printed on them. There are round cut-outs on the edges to open the pocket.

Teddi Barra is pictured in a red swim set patterned with palm fronds. She wears a white sunhat with a red ribbon and hibiscus. She’s pictured lounging on a towel next to the water, with a woven bag at her side.

This folder is oriented horizontally instead of vertically. It features Bubbles, Bunny, and Beulah in different swimsuits. They each hold a seashell up to their ear.

The fourth folder features young Oscar and Sammy the raccoon. Oscar is building a sandcastle and Sammy is washing seashells in the ocean.

This folder has a flap pocket on the back featuring the vacation Country Bear Theater logo and Country Bears Summer Vacation logo.

Vacation Jamboree Postcards Set – ¥2,200

Eleven postcards come in this blue cardboard folder. The folder has an oval opening on the front, showing the first postcard inside. The rope and seashell border is on the folder, as is the Country Bears Summer Vacation logo.

The vacation version of the Country Bear Theater logo is on the back of the folder.

The same artwork from the folders is on four of the postcards. The rest of the postcards feature other characters, like Wendell wearing an inner tube and Gomer with a fishing pole.

Big Al is pictured getting a tan on the beach. Trixie is in a polka-dot swimsuit enjoying ice cream. Fred and Tad are pictured lounging against surfboards.

Tennessee, Zeke, and Zeb wear hula skirts and leis. Liver Lips McGrowl, Ernest, and Terrence carry a yellow boat.

The backs of the postcards have a bear pawprint in the center.

Vacation Jamboree Washi Tape – ¥600

This roll of washi tape features the same artwork and the bears’ names on banners. It’s the same sandy color with splashes of blue representing the ocean and sky.

The Country Bear Vacation Jamboree returned to Tokyo Disneyland after a 5-year hiatus. It will run through November 7, suggesting the holiday Jingle Bell Jamboree may follow. Read the complete history of the Country Bear Jamboree.

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