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A new Jungle Cruise mug is available at Walt Disney World. We found the item at Emporium in Magic Kingdom.

Jungle Cruise Mug – $19.99

This new mug is grey with a cream-colored handle. One side of the mug features “Jungle Cruise” in cream-colored lettering. The words bend around the top of a cream-colored rope that borders a nighttime image of a hippo. Beneath the J and E in Jungle Cruise are two identical sets of turquoise-outlined intersecting palm trees.

The hippo inside of the rope border pokes its head out of the water, its mouth open and yellow teeth sticking out. Behind the hippo, palm trees and other plant life are silhouetted in turquoise and black. A large yellow moon pokes out from behind one of the palm trees. Above the moon, “True Life Adventure” appears in the same color as “Jungle Cruise”.

The other side of the mug features “It goes for Niles, and Niles, and Niles” in cream-colored lettering. The words sit above a turquoise “Jungle Cruise” logo.

Silhouetted black and grey foliage completely encircles the bottom of the mug.

The inside of the mug is the same cream color as the handle and much of the lettering.

This mug is one of the newest pieces of merchandise to be inspired by the attraction, and more Jungle Cruise merchandise will be available on the Disney Treasure later this year.

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