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To celebrate the 15th-anniversary of “Up”, a new limited-edition Carl and Ellie doll set is now available for purchase. We found these dolls at Island Mercantile in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but they can also be found at the Disney Store.

‘Up’ Carl and Ellie Doll Set – $249.99

The new doll set features young Carl and Ellie dressed in the same clothes they wore to the picnic in the 2009 film. Carl is wearing black pants, dress shoes, a tan jacket, a beige sweater, and a blue tie. Ellie is dressed in a yellow checkered dress. They stand next to their mailbox.

The doll set comes with a picnic basket full of wine, cheese, bread, and apples. The dolls can lay out on the yellow blanket just as they did on their afternoon together in the film.

The back of the box features the film’s logo and a brief synopsis of the film. The box is sky blue with three puffy white clouds shaped like babies.

The back of the box also features a still image from the film. In it, Ellie and Carl lay on their backs on the yellow blanket holding hands. Ellie points in wonder at the sky above her.

A camera lays on the blanket next to them. Their picnic basket, full of all the items available as part of the doll set, sits on the grass next to them.

When packaged in their box, Ellie and Carl are holding hands behind a white picket fence with the “Up” logo. The box panels open to reveal the green grassy hill from the film.

“Up” merchandise has been popping up throughout the parks this year in honor of the film’s 15th anniversary. We previously reported finding numerous new items around Walt Disney World Resort and at Disneyland Resort.

What do you think of the new Carl and Ellie doll set?

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