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CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are now open in World Celebration at EPCOT. The venue lights up at night just like the World Celebration Gardens.

CommuniCore Hall & Plaza at Nighttime

CommuniCore Hall features Spaceship Earth-inspired paneling. Some of the triangular panels are lights that illuminate in various colors.

The light-up panels cast color onto the three-dimensional white panels, making them appear to change color, too.

Another angle of the building had triangles lit up in shades of green, light blue, and dark blue.

We also spotted some of the triangles with an overall blue theme later on in the evening.

However, we noticed that the in-ground lighting near the entrance to CommuniCore Hall was not illuminated. This could simply be a malfunction, and it wouldn’t be the first time that the embedded lighting at EPCOT has had issues.

This in-ground lighting was also not operational on CommuniCore Hall’s first night of operation.

While the signs were illuminated, the triangles above the nearby exterior restrooms were not lit.

The shaded seating area near CommuniCore Plaza is illuminated with long, purple beam lights.

The CommuniCore Plaza stage — where “¡Celebración Encanto!” is performed — still had its brighter lighting on when we were at EPCOT, which contrasts against the purple lighting nearby.

The Festival Favorites booth has an illuminated sign and standard warm lighting inside.

Spaceship Earth-inspired walls are also lit up in the evenings with ambient lighting.

A similar effect is above the Mickey & Friends meet and greet entrance. Panels on the edges and along the top light up. But there are also gaps in the paneling, with the lights on the mural showing through. The “Mickey & Friends” and “CommuniCore Hall” signs light up white.

Later on in the evening, the triangles took on a mostly blue hue.

The directional signs around CommuniCore Hall also light up in the evenings.

Inside CommuniCore Hall, rainbow lighting corresponding with the EPCOT neighborhoods sets the space aglow.

Further back in the seating area, the lighting is an overwhelming blue hue.

The trees in World Celebration also illuminate as the lighting in the area changes overall, making for some colorful atmoshphere.

Have you had a chance to check out CommuniCore Hall and Plaza at EPCOT now that they’re both open? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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