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Sometimes things are so good you just have to go and revisit them. While we’ve tried everywhere to eat (and drink) around Disney World, we’ve been known to revert back every once in a while to retry a few of our favorites.

Garden House here we come!

This sparked an idea to revisit an “oldie but a goodie” classic stop around EPCOT’s World Showcase’s restaurants that hasn’t failed us in the past. Could Japan’s Garden House stand the test of time? We couldn’t wait to find out!

One of our favorite places to grab a drink around EPCOT is located in the Japan pavilion — Garden House. This restaurant is an outdoor Sake bar that serves a limited selection of beverages.

Garden House

While it might not be a full-service restaurant, that doesn’t mean you need to write it off just yet!


This is a unique restaurant that’s really almost more of a glorified beverage stand. While it’s a permanent fixture in the Japan Pavilion found around EPCOT’s World Showcase, it’s very open-concept.

In the line

The theming for the outside of the building is beautiful and blends with the incredible Japanese style of architecture and decor. When it’s open, the front doors are pulled aside revealing the ordering counter just inside.

Order at the counter

Once the line reaches the building, you’ll be asked to step inside, view the menu, place your order, and pay all in the same spot. Unfortunately, since this place is so small, a few outdoor tables are provided nearby (picnic style)…

Very limited outdoor seating

…and you might find a few standing tables outside of the nearby store, Mitsukoshi. Otherwise, your other option is to take your drink with you as you continue to work your way around EPCOT!


Since Garden House is smaller their menu isn’t terribly extensive. They mostly serve a few beers, and cocktails, along with a few sake and plum wine drinks…


There are also a few soda options, lemonade, iced green tea, and water available for purchase, too.

For this visit, we decided we’d try out the Violet Sake and Tokyo Sunset. These are two popular drinks to pick up from this restaurant and while they’ve been around for a while, it’s always nice to revisit a classic and see if they’re just as you remembered.


At first glance, both of these drinks are stunning to look at! It’s hard to choose which you would want to start with first but, ultimately, we opted for the Violet Sake as our first sip. This drink is made of sake, purple pear, and lime juice and will cost you $12.50.

Violet Sake

This drink is kind of a legend around EPCOT and for good reason. It’s smooth, not overly bitter or sweet, and you can taste the sake and pear that work well with each other. While we didn’t get a whole lot of the line juice initially in our sip, you can taste it when you’re looking for it — but it’s not strong.

Floral vibes

It’s a beautiful floral-tasting drink that won’t leave you with a funky aftertaste.

The next drink we had lined up was the Tokyo Sunset. This drink is made with coconut rum, crème de banana, peach schnapps, and pineapple juice and will also cost you $12.50.

Tokyo Sunset

We thought this drink was a close second to the Violet Sake. If you like some of the more fruitier drinks served around the Disney World hotels this one is calling your name. It’s got it all — pineapple juice that’s a tad sour but mostly sweet, the coconut in the rum to add to the beachy vibe and the peach schnapps and crème de banana bring it all home.

So pretty!

It’s almost like having a fruit smoothie without the smoothie. It’s bright and its flavors can easily be picked apart by your taste buds so if you’re not into heavier syrup drinks like the Violet Sake then we highly recommend trying this one!


Overall we’re not sure there’s a drink here that will leave a “bad” taste in your mouth between all of the floral and beachy flavors.

Not a bad lineup!

If you’re looking for a place to grab a refreshing alcoholic beverage that won’t weigh too heavy on you in the intense Florida heat, these are two of the best to try out!

Nosh or Not?

Breeze on by Garden House if…

You’re looking for a solid international drink that’s a bit different! The two drinks we tried here were very light and didn’t leave us with a heavy aftertaste to weigh on our stomachs.
You’re a sake drink fan! If you’re a sake drink fan and haven’t already stopped by here, we’re not sure what’s been keeping you away.
You’re on a mission to try the best drinks around EPCOT’s World Showcase. These were two of the best drinks to pick up around EPCOT and they’re a “can’t miss” on your next visit.

The winds are blowing you in a different direction if…

You’re not a Sake fan. If you don’t like sake and find yourself stopping by here, there are other options to choose from, but sake is their specialty.
You’re looking for food along with your drinks. Unfortunately, Garden House is a beverage-only restaurant.
You want to relax with a dedicated seat while you sip your drink. There’s very little seating around Garden House and that’s if it’s not already taken. If you need something a little extra with your stop, this isn’t quite the place that will be ideal.

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Which is your favorite drink from Garden House at EPCOT? Tell us what your drink of choice is in the comments!

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