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Flavors of Florida has officially kicked off at Disney Springs! 

Flavors of Florida is here!

During this event, you can stop by over 40 different dining locations to try out bites and sips inspired by Florida. From Citrus Burgers to Key Lime Pie Shakes, there are so many options for unique eats while you are in Disney Springs this summer. 

The event runs from July 1st through August 11th, and you can try lots of amazing bites and sips that celebrate the flavors of Florida. Additionally, you can also take part in Flavors of Florida Culinary Seminars and Pairing Events to take your experience to the next level. The Culinary Seminars feature iconic chefs that will provide culinary demonstrations for attendees. During the Pairing Events you can enjoy tasty bites paired with alcoholic beverages at various Disney Springs restaurants. 

Flavors of Florida

We recently stopped by Flavors of Florida to try out a bunch of new arrivals, and we are sharing all our thoughts. So, let’s get into it!

Amorette’s Patisserie

We are starting out at Amorette’s Patisserie to grab the Orange-Hazelnut Petite Gâteau. This treat is layers of orange mousse, orange curd, and honey-orange gel on top of a hazelnut financier. It costs $8.


Orange-Hazelnut Petite Gâteau

This treat is so pretty and even has a “Flavors of Florida” sign on the dessert This treat is an orange lover’s dream! It has a strong orange flavor that is super zesty. We would describe it as an orange peel flavor and it is prominent. The orange mousse is on the thicker side and reminded us more of a cheesecake. The base of the treat is a thick, soft cookie which held the layers on top well, but didn’t add much of a flavor.

Orange-Hazelnut Petite Gâteau

Overall, we thought the flavor in this treat was rich and smooth. A great choice if you are looking for a treat that packs a lot of orange flavor!

D-Luxe Burger

Now we are headed over to D-Luxe Burger to try out the Citrus Burger. This burger is made out of a dressed signature-blend patty, citrus-braised pork belly, grapefruit paloma aïoli, pickled and fried fennel, grapefruit jam, and lettuce. While the description didn’t mention it, this burger also comes with pepper jack cheese. You can get this burger for $14.49. 

Citrus Burger

There were some elements of this burger that we really enjoyed including the signature blend patty, pork belly, and fried fennel. The signature blend patties from D-Luxe Burger are delicious and the addition of pork belly works really well. The fried fennel was a unique topping that was a perfect compliment to the fatty meat. The fennel stayed crispy which added great texture to the burger. We were not huge fans of the grapefruit paloma aïoli. It had big chunks of fruit at it that did not work well with the rest of the components. We think the grapefruit paloma aïoli would have been much better if it had been puréed and had more garlic flavor.

Citrus Burger

We also tried out the Key Lime Pie Shake which was vanilla gelato blended with Minute Maid Lemonade and graham cracker crumbs topped with whipped cream, graham cracker crumbs, and a lime wedge. The Key Lime Pie Shake costs $7.75. 

Key Lime Pie Shake

We were a bit confused as the only lime flavor in this shake came from the lime wedge. This shake reminded us way more of a lemon icebox pie than a Key lime pie. We really enjoyed the graham cracker crumbs that were blended in as they really gave the shake a pie taste. However, it was missing a lot of the flavors of a Key lime pie including the tangy lime and sweetened condensed milk flavor. The shake was not very tart and had a lemon flavor to it instead of lime. If you are wanting more of a frosted lemonade flavor, you will likely enjoy this treat.

Earl of Sandwich

Next we are headed to Earl of Sandwich to try out the Datil Pepper Cuban Sandwich. This sandwich includes roasted carnitas, ham, Swiss cheese, sweet pickles, and datil pepper aïoli and costs $8.99.

Datil Pepper Cuban Sandwich

This Cuban was full of both sweet and spicy flavors! There was a variety of flavors that came together really well. We thought the roasted carnitas were cooked perfectly and were juicy against the sweet pickles. The datil pepper aïoli added so much great flavor to this sandwich and it has a slight kick to it as well.

Datil Pepper Cuban Sandwich

The ham is thinly sliced, but still noticeable as you get a good portion of it. The melted Swiss cheese was the icing on the cake and pulled all of the flavors together perfectly! Overall, we really enjoyed this sandwich and we would definitely head back to Earl of Sandwich for another one.

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Now we are moving onto Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew. We grabbed the Strawberry Shortcake Donut which is a glazed donut filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar. You can get this donut for $6.50.

Strawberry Shortcake Donut

This donut is jam-packed with whipped cream and strawberry glaze. We enjoyed that the donut itself was not overly sweet, which was a great contrast to the sweet glaze on the fruit. This donut is definitely on the messy side, but is filled with lots of goodness. While we enjoyed this treat, it wasn’t anything special and we probably wouldn’t recommend going out of your way for it. 

Strawberry Shortcake Donut

We also grabbed the Italian-Style Strawberry Soda which is made with fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup topped with bubbly soda water and served over ice. You can get this drink for $5.50. 

Italian-Style Strawberry Soda

This drink was slightly sweet and a great drink to cool down with. It is bubbly with a good strawberry flavor to the drink. We didn’t consider this a super stand-out drink, but it was tasty without feeling heavy. If you happen to be by Everglazed and need a break and something to drink, this could be a great option.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

Next up, we are headed over to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop to grab the Key Lime Pie Shake. This shake is vanilla ice cream blended with Key lime juice and graham cracker and topped with whipped cream, green sprinkles, and crushed graham crackers for $12.95. 

Key Lime Pie Shake

This shake is thiiicckk and reminded us exactly of eating a slice of Key lime pie. There was lots of tartness in this shake, so if you are looking for a sweeter option you may want to look elsewhere. In fact, with the addition of the lime juice we would almost say that this shake is sour. 

Key Lime Pie Shake

However, we think this is a perfect shake if you are truly wanting a shake with all the Key lime pie flavors. The graham crackers are blended in and add the perfect flavor, along with lots of Key lime. This shake lives up to its name and we really enjoyed it!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Let’s head over to Gideon’s Bakehouse to try the Key Lime Pie Cake Bar. The cake bar is soft Key lime cake covered in cream cheese buttercream, Key lime curd, and graham cracker crumble fully dipped in premium chocolate. You can pick up this treat for $6.

Key Lime Pie Cake Bar

This bar is full of chocolate and lime flavor. It is sweet, tangy, and salty all rolled up into a bar. The chocolate is rich and works really well with the tart Key lime flavor. The addition of the cream cheese buttercream and graham cracker crumble really brings this whole treat together. 

Key Lime Pie Cake Bar

This treat is soft and it does melt quickly so be prepared to eat it fast. However, we found that we enjoyed this treat even more when the chocolate started melting. We thought this treat was amazing and the flavors all work so well together. Definitely one of our favorite treats we tried!

Swirls on the Water

Now onto Swirls on the Water. We are grabbing a few items here including The Key Lime Pie Sundae. This sundae is DOLE Whip Lime in a waffle bowl topped with whipped cream and a lime garnish. You can get this treat for $6.49. 

The Key Lime Pie Sundae

This sundae is huge and you could easily share it with others. It is a great deal for the price and has plenty of lime flavor. The lime DOLE Whip is tart and light, but we really wished there were more graham crackers on top. We had a hard time tasting them. The waffle bowl adds a great crunch though.

The Key Lime Pie Sundae

Next up is the Orange Bird Cone which is DOLE Whip Orange in an orange cone topped with orange crisp pearls and an Orange Bird garnish. You can get this treat for $6.49. The DOLE Whip has lots of orange flavor and the we enjoyed the added crunch from the crisp pearls. The waffle cone is also orange flavored and rimmed with white chocolate. We love all the orange flavor is this treat and we think it is a great size for the price.

Orange Bird Cone

Finally, we also tried the Orange Bird Float. This float is DOLE Whip Orange and Watermelon swirl with Fanta Orange in a souvenir cup and costs $11.49. 

Orange Bird Float

Alright, orange and watermelon may be our new favorite combination of DOLE Whip. The tartness of the watermelon works wonderfully with the sweetness of the orange. When these two flavors melted into the Fanta Orange it was just fantastic. We definitely enjoyed this float the most of all the items we tried at Swirls on the Water, however we think it is a bit overpriced. 

Vivoli il Gelato

Next up we are headed to Vivoli il Gelato for two treats. We are starting with the Key Lime Tiramisu which is layers of mascarpone cream and lady fingers soaked in a sweet key lime sauce. You can get this treat for $10. We were a bit disappointed in this treat as it reminded us more of a banana pudding tiramisu. It didn’t have any tartness and was just sweet. The cream tasted like it had honey mixed in and we could have easily been convinced this was banana flavored. The cake was fine, but it wasn’t anything that stood out to us. We had a really hard time tasting any sort of key lime flavor in this treat. 

Key Lime Tiramisu

We all tried the Mango Spritz which is made with mango sorbetto, Sprite, and prosecco. You can get the Mango Spritz for $13. The mango gelato tasted like a freshly peeled mango. We were so impressed with how fresh it tasted and the amount of mango flavor in it. The combination of Sprite and Prosecco made this drink super fizzy and refreshing. 

Mango Spritz

While the mango gelato had great mango flavor, there wasn’t anything too special about this drink. We didn’t think it was worth the price, but it is still a tasty drink to sip on while you are at Disney Springs.

eet by Maneet Chauhan

Finally, we are making our way to eet by Maneet Chauhan for the Sunny Days cocktail. This cocktail is whipped vodka and orange cream with an orange ice pop for $15.95. You can also get this cocktail 50% off during happy hour from 2PM-5PM and 9PM-11PM daily!

Sunny Days

This cocktail is really two treats in one and it is very tasty! The cocktail slush has a great creamsicle taste without feeling heavy like a creamsicle shake. The drink is smooth and really easy to drink, and you will likely forget you are even drinking alcohol. However, there is definitely vodka in this drink!

Sunny Days Ice Pop

We think this cocktail is a perfect way to cool-down while you are exploring Disney Springs, and it is a great deal if you can grab it during happy hour. It is so much fun to eat the popsicle while you are enjoying the drink, and it is really refreshing.

There are over 40 dining locations participating in Flavors of Florida, so there really is something for everyone. You can check out the event until August 11th! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World food reviews and news!

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What dishes are you looking forward to most during Flavors of Florida? Let us know in the comments!

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