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There is one snack spot in Disney World that seems to be having an identity crisis.

Energy Bytes

When Energy Bytes originally opened in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom (you’ll find it over near TRON Lightcycle / Run), the menu featured dumplings, donut holes, and a fun futuristic dessert. The snack spot later added a few new drinks and more unique snacks. However, the menu at Energy Bytes recently got a complete overhaul, so we’re trying NEW food there AGAIN.

The new menu has added some new drinks, including Cucumber-Lime Soda, Blue Coconut Slushy, and Watermelon Slushy. There’s also a new snack, a Watermelon, Cucumber, and Pineapple Cup. So once again, Energy Bytes is trying to decide what it wants to be.

New menu

We grabbed two of these new drinks and the snack to check it out, though, because that’s what we do. We started with the Cucumber-Lime Soda for $5.99 which features flavors of cucumber, lime, and Sprite served over ice. Y’all. This is basically the cucumber Sprite from Russia you can get over at Club Cool in EPCOT.

Cucumber-Lime Soda

With that being said, though, we thought this soda was refreshing and unique, especially for something being offered in Magic Kingdom. Most of the flavor comes from the sweet cucumber, but the lime adds a nice acidity.

Club Cool dupe

We also grabbed the Blue Coconut Slushy for $6.49 with flavors of coconut, lemon, and lime. Okay, this is our new favorite drink in Disney World. The coconut flavor is delicious, but we also got a lot of lime flavor (oddly enough, we couldn’t taste the lemon).

Blue Coconut Slushy

This is the kind of drink you want to have when you’re sitting on the beach on a tropical island somewhere. Again, this is another win for Magic Kingdom drinks.

Our new favorite drink

Finally, we ordered the Watermelon, Cucumber, and Pineapple Cup for $5.99 topped with sweet chili sauce and furikake. So this is also a unique take on a fruit cup. It wasn’t a complete hit for us, though. The pineapple in our cup seemed to have absorbed a lot of the sweet chili sauce and had more of the Furikake sprinkled on it, which really elevated the flavor of the fruit.

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Pineapple Cup

However, the watermelon had a little less of that extra flavor, but it was still refreshing (as watermelon usually is). The cucumber didn’t seem to have any of the sweet chili sauce or Furikakte, so it just tasted like an unseasoned cucumber. That was okay, but we would’ve liked to have tasted those two additional ingredients on ALL the fruit in the cup.


We’ll have to admit that the new menu seems a little less jazzy than the previous TRON-themed foods, so we’re not sure what’s going on with this food kiosk, except that it still hasn’t decided what it wants to be. However, we’d still return for the drinks if we had a craving for something a little different in Magic Kingdom that was still refreshing.

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What do you think? What kind of food and drinks would you like to see at Energy Bytes? Let us know in the comments!

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