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The new menu items in Disney World just keep coming but this one, you’ll have to time just right to snag!

New menu item alert!

New breakfast items and limited-time treats have been popping up all over Disney World lately and have been filling our bellies with so many good eats but now, EPCOT’s hitting hard with a new addition of its own. But, as we came to find out, getting your hands on their savory new dish might be harder than you think!

On a recent trip out to EPCOT to take a walk around the World Showcase, we decided to pop into Regal Eagle Smokehouse for a quick bite to eat (and to cool off becuase it’s been very hot lately)! We found ourselves craving something a bit more savory than any of the snacks we could grab at the surrounding snack carts and decided to browse the menu just in case we spotted anything different.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

It was a good thing we did because right away, something in particular caught our attention! There at the ordering stations, we noticed a new menu item that wasn’t featured on the restaurant’s menu on the My Disney Experience app.

New menu item!

When we asked about the new dish, the Cast Member we spoke to said that it was a limited offering that’s only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays so we knew we had to try it right away! This new offering is called the Barbecued Pulled Chicken Sandwich, costs $12.29, and comes served with your choice of side.

Barbecued Pulled Chicken Sandwich

The sandwich itself is made up of a barbecued pulled chicken sandwich with house-made pickles, coleslaw, and an onion ring on a brioche roll & your choice of side. Oh boy, this thing can get messy quickly!

Inside look

You almost can’t tell this sandwich is made with chicken, but that could be becuase the meat is saturated in barbecue sauce. The coleslaw and pickles are tangy and crunchy which added some interesting flavor and texture to it. This sandwich also has a bit of a low heat to it (probably due to the barbecue sauce), while the onion rings are the familiar nice and crispy rings we are used to getting here and it was a nice choice to include them.

Half of the sandwich

We wouldn’t let this one sit too long though because the bun is super soft and will soak in all the sauce making it soggy and harder to keep together the longer it sits! If you’re a big chicken fan or just a fan of barbecued meats in general we think you should try this elusive sandwich with all its fixings when you can but if you’re someone who prefers all of your extras on the side, you might do better opting for one of the less adventurous menu items.

So many toppings

All in all, we appreciated the inventiveness of this new sandwich and wonder if Disney World might be experimenting with more permanent changes to the meats offered at Regal Eagle Smokehouse in the future, but that’s a conversation for some other time. Either way, we’ll keep watching as EPCOT continues to make changes to its menu items and let you know all the latest details.

We’re always checking out the latest changes to the menus and new items debuting in Disney World! Look below to browse a few of our most recent reviews, and stay tuned with us at Disney Food Blog for even more!

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Would you welcome a barbecue-pulled chicken sandwich over a pork one at Regal Eagle Smokehouse? Tell us your preference and why in the comments below!

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