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Here at DFB, we make it our mission to do quality control food reviews in Disney World from time to time!

Cinderella Castle

That means we visit restaurants that we’ve been to before and retry our old favorite snacks, just to make sure they’re still up to par! The one consistent thing about Disney World food is that it changes all the time. And that’s exactly why I went to The Lunching Pad at Magic Kingdom recently!

Last summer, The Lunching Pad introduced a Mike Wazowski Cake for $8.29. It’s an orange blossom-mango mousse cake with a candy eye. And when we first got one, it was a bit of a melty disaster.

Oh Jeez

The mousse inside was definitely not moussing, and the whole thing sort of fell apart on us. But this summer, we’re back to try again!

Well, There He Goes

For round two, things are already off to a better start! Look how well he’s holding together. The decoration is actually quite cute, and it’s accomplished thanks to a white chocolate shell.

SO much better!

When I cracked open the 2024 Mike Wazowski Cake, he actually held together — go Mike! The green shell just tasted like white chocolate and it was nice and thin and easy to cut open. The white part of the mousse inside was mostly a plain vanilla flavor, but the orange blossom-mango REALLY comes through strong in the orange section of the treat. That bit is more of a gelatin consistency and it’s a STRONG tart flavor, on the verge of sour.

It looks WAY better

I think the elements work well together and balance each other, but you might want to avoid it if you don’t like strong fruit flavors or tart treats. I’m seriously impressed with how well Mike held together in the heat this year, as compared to last year!

So this is why it’s important for us to go back and try snacks again — you never know how they might change! We’ll keep you updated with more food reviews from Disney World, so stay tuned.

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