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The themed audio that plays in the parking garages at Universal Orlando Resort has been changed. All sections now have the same guest informational spiel rather than unique audio experiences based on the parking level.

Universal Orlando Resort Parking Garage Audio Replaced

On today’s visit to Universal Orlando Resort, we noticed that changes had been made to the audio playing throughout the parking garages. Rather than each section playing its unique theme song and sound design, a generic recorded spiel has been added throughout the structure.

The video above was recorded in the “Jurassic Park” section of the parking garage. The audio is as follows:

Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort. Please make note of where you parked. To access CityWalk, Universal Studios Florida, and Islands of Adventure, please proceed to the level three walkway. Information for all parks can be found by downloading the Universal Orlando App. Please watch your step.

Before these changes, each section of the parking garage had a specific audio soundtrack. For example, the “Jurassic Park” section used to play the film’s theme song and feature dinosaurs roaring, while the “Jaws” section used to play the main theme song from the movie.

There is also new audio along the moving walkway that leads into CityWalk. The new statement is as follows:

Follow the walkway to security screening and access to CityWalk, Universal Studios Florida, and Islands of Adventure. Please watch your step.

These changes to the parking garage audio come as numerous other developments are announced ahead of the opening of Epic Universe next year.

Earlier today, it was announced that one of the park’s upcoming attractions, Starfall Racers, has been renamed to “Stardust Racers” due to trademark infringement.

Earlier this week, Universal Orlando Resort announced that the Universal Epic Universe Preview Center will open this June at Universal CityWalk. The preview center will include a massive model of Epic Universe and allow guests to get a look at the new theme park ahead of its 2025 opening.

How do you feel about the changes to the parking garage audio? Are you going to miss each section’s unique sound design?

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