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It’s no secret we love Disney Starbucks tumblers (and regular Starbucks tumblers, too — we’re not picky) but this latest release may just take the cake.

Isn’t it beautiful?

While it’s not out quite yet, we’ve marked our calendars and set our alarms because we have a feeling we won’t be the only ones after this coveted new cup. But, fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion should be especially excited, and we bet by now you can guess why…

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a NEW Haunted Mansion Starbucks tumbler is coming to the Disney Store online soon! On July 8th, this baby will drop online and will no doubt create some serious chaos — which is why we’re warning you in advance. We’ve seen it happen with past Starbucks tumbler releases, and if we know anything about Haunted Mansion fans, well, they’re a passionate bunch (and we don’t blame them!)


Staying hydrated is important whether you’re at the Disney parks or not! Using a cute tumbler like this can be a great way to up your water intake while showing off your love of all things Disney. And, of course, it’s not only for water — so drink all the iced coffee or whatever you want in your new cup! Chances are, all your Disney friends will be jealous.

The Haunted Mansion

Make sure you set your alarm if you want to snag one of these bad boys — and stay tuned to DFB for restock notifications if they do end up selling out! We’ve linked the page on the Disney Store website where the Haunted Mansion Starbucks tumbler will be once it officially drops online. In the meantime, you can shop for some of our favorite other tumblers and cups at the same link below, too!

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