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Most rules in Disney World are quite obvious, as they’re common sense, or the same rules you see at different theme parks around the world.


This includes things like no altercations with other guests or Cast Members, no jumping out of ride vehicles when you’’re ON the ride, and more simple things like no smoking, stealing, or wearing clothes that don’t cover the parts of you they should. But what happens if someone refuses to follow these rules?

Disney has a lot of ways they keep their guests safe in the parks and avoid a lot of potential conflicts. The first is what you’ll encounter before you enter the parks — security screenings!


Security can be a little annoying sometimes, especially when the lines are long, but it’s a very important part of the process to keep everyone safe. And, since 2020, the security process has gotten SO much quicker with the addition of the security checkpoints you just walk through. Now you’ll only need to get your bag checked if something in it is flagged.

The lines can be LONG sometimes

You may also see some K-9 friends with security outside the park gates just as an extra layer of security. We know it may be tempting to pet them, but remember that they’re working! And don’t worry, they get plenty of head scratches when they’re off the clock.


Security guards are also present around the parks, in uniforms you can easily recognize as well as in plainclothes (AKA dressed like regular guests). So even when you don’t “see” any security guards around, there are very likely some undercover ones around keeping an eye on things.

Magic Kingdom Security

Not to mention that there are security cameras ALL over the resort (except for the bathrooms and your hotel room, of course). Even if you can’t spot any, we promise there are security cameras around — some of them are hidden VERY well.

Magic Kingdom

So what happens if you break Disney’s rules? It depends on the severity of the rule break, but the least severe punishment is being kicked out of the parks for the day. However, guests who are more disruptive or break bigger rules may receive a longer ban, such as one that lasts a year. And, of course, the worst ban is a lifetime ban, which will span across all of Disney’s parks, hotels, and Disney Cruise Line.

All-Star Sports

You may have also heard of “Disney jail.” Now, this isn’t a real jail like the cells you see in Pirates of the Caribbean, nor is it a whole jail underneath the park. “Disney jail” is just the security office, but don’t be fooled — this is NOT where you want to end up. Especially because if your infraction was bad enough, the police may be there shortly to transfer you to ACTUAL jail.

Magic Kingdom

Thankfully, it’s very easy to stay on Disney’s good side, because most accidental rule breaks will just be met with a gentle reminder from Cast Members or security. Just do what the Cast Members tell you to do, ask questions if you’re confused about something, and if you’re questioning something, just err on the side of caution.

Cinderella Castle

We’re always here to help you plan for your next Disney World trip, including knowing the ins and outs of the rules, so stay tuned to DFB!

These are 13 rules you’re accidentally breaking in Disney World!

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