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Packing for your upcoming Disney World trip? Let’s see, have you got t-shirts? A portable charger? A rain poncho? Travel-sized toiletries? What about a carabiner?

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We know it might seem super random, but there are actually a few very good reasons why you should bring a carabiner on your next magical vacation! We promise we’ll explain everything AND recommend an awesome MICKEY-shaped option for your upcoming trip. Let’s get into it!

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OK, now we need to explain ourselves.

WHY would someone need a carabiner in Disney World? First of all, it comes in super handy if you’re bringing your refillable mug to the parks. Refillable mugs can be purchased at any of the hotels, and you get free refills on soda and coffee throughout your trip (note that you can only get those refills at the hotels — it doesn’t work inside the parks).

Resort Refillable Mug

If you brought your morning coffee with you to Magic Kingdom, you’ll need somewhere to put your mug once you’re finished. To avoid it leaking any leftover drink on your other stuff, just strap it to the outside of your bag with a carabiner!

A carabiner can come in handy for any of these kinds of items that you don’t want to carry around but also don’t have room to pack in your park bag, like hats, popcorn buckets, or water bottles.

Refillable Popcorn Bucket

Lots of folks use them with strollers, too, to keep your backpack or diaper bag attached so you don’t have to carry it but still have easy access.

Adventureland stroller parking

Since this is a DISNEY trip we’re talking about, we found this super cute Mickey-shaped carabiner that we think you’ll love.

Get the Mickey Carabiner from Amazon


This Mickey Mouse-shaped carabiner is made by Petunia Pickle Bottom and would be perfect for your upcoming trip. It’s plenty big enough for whatever you need to clip to your bag and is actually designed as a stroller hook, so it’s extra practical for strollers and diaper bags.


The carabiner comes in either black or pink and rose gold, so you can pick whichever matches your own Disney aesthetic.

Shop the Mickey carabiner on Amazon here!

Maybe you need something smaller, though, for items like a hat that don’t require quite as much room. You’ll probably do just fine with these 2-inch carabiners instead.

Get the 12-pack with Multicolored 2-inch Carabiners


You can get a 12-pack of 2-inch carabiner clips on Amazon, and they come in a bunch of different colors.

Shop these carabiners on Amazon here!

While we were browsing and searching for the best Disney carabiners, we came across this super handy tool that we thought you’d be interested in: It’s a Mickey ear headband holder!

Get the Mickey Ear Headband Holder


You can’t use a carabiner to hold most Mickey ear headbands because the headband is not a complete circle, so it’ll just fall right out. So if you don’t plan on wearing your ears all day (and let’s face it — sometimes they cause headaches and simply MUST come off for a little while), this holder will come in handy.


The package comes with two ear holders, each of which holds one ear headband. There’s a keychain on one end so you can easily attach it to your park bag.

Shop the Mickey ear holder on Amazon here!

There’s just one more thing we found while we were doing our Mickey carabiner online shopping (can you tell we are easily distracted? ). These Mickey key rings caught our eye and we may or may not have them in our Amazon cart right this second.

Get the Mickey Key Rings


These Mickey-shaped key rings are a fun way to bring Disney into your everyday life. They work just like normal split keyrings, and the package comes with ten of them so you’ll have plenty of backups (unless you hook them all together in one epically long Mickey keyring chain, which we think would be awesome).

Shop the Mickey key rings on Amazon here!

Now you’re all set to get going on your upcoming vacation!

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