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Deodorant is a necessity in Disney World, and if you think otherwise…please reconsider.

EPCOT under sunny skies

The truth is that EVERYONE is going to sweat in Disney World. Especially in those hot months (which is most of the year, to be honest), there’s really no way to escape it. It’s of utmost importance to bring your deodorant with you on your Disney World trip, HOWEVER deciding what TYPE of deodorant to bring is a bigger decision than you may realize.

Aerosol Deodorant

If you’re not a fan of stick deodorant, we totally get it. Getting a spray deodorant in an aerosol can can be a great alternative, BUT there is a time when we do not at all recommend bringing this type — when flying.


When you fly, the pressure in the cabin is regulated, but not necessarily the pressure in the belly of the plane where the luggage is being kept. Even so, in either location, the pressure can cause your aerosol can to malfunction, meaning your deodorant could get all over the contents of your bag. 

Orlando International Airport

If you do want to bring an aerosol deodorant, we recommend having it in a ziploc bag to ensure it won’t get over all your stuff, just to be safe!

That’s The Way The Cookie (Deodorant) Crumbles

Not all deodorants are made equally. We’ve had a team member share that one time, she brought a regular stick deodorant in her bag and it ended up crumbling all over everything!

A sunny day in Hollywood Studios!

Now, there’s not a great way to stop this one from happening, except to try and make sure it’s not getting knocked around too much where it can be broken, and then it just continues to break, and break, and break. When packing, try to place your deodorant in the smallest pocket/area it fits in, so it doesn’t move around a lot!

Sunny skies in Animal Kingdom

Some of us have also noticed this is more likely to happen when your deodorant is older or almost at the end of its life, so try not to bring those to Disney World either!

Creams WILL Melt

If you prefer to use a cream based deodorant, you may think you’ll avoid the potential crumbles or explosions, and while that’s true, you have to worry about melting.

It gets hot FAST!

No, we’re not kidding. It’s already a liquid, yes, but when it reaches a certain temperature, these cream deodorants can separate, making them an oily mess that no one wants to deal with.

A sunny day in Magic Kingdom!

The worst part, it’s VERY hard (almost impossible) to fix when this happens. Our advice is to keep this just in the room where it won’t get too warm instead of into the park with you, and to also keep it in a Ziploc bag in case that cap comes loose!

We’re always here to help bring you the best ways to prepare for your Disney World trip, so stay tuned to DFB for all the latest news!

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