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With your Disney World trip rapidly approaching, we’ve got a bunch to talk about and no time to waste.

Magic Kingdom

Let’s forget about all the last-minute reservations (besides, you’ve got them!). We need to talk about the essentials you’re going to pack for the trip. We’ve got a list of tried and true Disney World essentials you need, so let’s go!

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Shop these Rain Ponchos for Adults for 9% Off

Clear Rain Jacket

First up, we love a good rain jacks as Florida has this habit of dumping rain on you every single afternoon and they allow us to stay nice and dry super easily. We definitely recommend that you invest in a pair of good-quality reusable ponchos. They fold down very tightly making them a perfect fit for even the smallest belt bags. We specifically like this one because you don’t have to pull it over your head and it’s made with a sturdy material. It also comes in a pack of 2, which is really nice!

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Shop this MultiCharger for MagicBand+

MultiCharger for MagicBand+

Don’t want to go off on a tangent, but it would not be an overstatement to say that you’re going to need a way to charge all of your devices when you’re at Disney World since you’re going to burn through a ton of power. We love bringing our MultiCharger because it’s so small that we can just chuck it in our bag and be able to charge our phone and up to 3 MagicBand+ at the same time (yeah, having to charge MagicBands is a thing now).

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Shop this KeepGoing Travel First Aid Kit

Go Kit

I’m not saying you’re clumsy or prone to injury (let’s just say that I am), but honestly you can’t go wrong with having a travel first aid kit in your bag at all times (just in case). This particular kit has over 130 pieces so you can be sure that you’ll have whatever you need for whatever slip or minor accident you might face. (Also, you’re going to walk a TON at Disney World, so chances are pretty high that you might have a slip or two.) This kit also comes with moleskin, so you have protection from blisters!

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Shop this Owala Water Bottle

Don’t forget your water bottle!

What else does Florida love to do to us — hit us with a one-two combination of heat and humidity which means you must prioritize your hydration while at Disney World. Disney makes it easy for you too by having installed a lot of refilling stations around the parks, so all you need to do is come prepared with your own refillable water bottle. As an added bonus, since the water is free, you can save a boatload instead of having to purchase bottled water every time.

It’s finished

Also, maybe we’re silly, but we like to have the characters sign it, which makes it a fun personal souvenir!

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Shop this Mini Belt Bag


Honestly, we’re like broken records when it comes to how often we say that we love our mini belt bags. They’re such a great combination of form and function for our quick hops to the parks. They’ve got just the right amount of room we need for our essentials, and at less than 6 ounces, this bag is featherlight.

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Shop this Loungefly Organizer

Loungefly Organizer

Now, if we’re not rocking our mini belt bag, we’ve got our Loungefly backpacks slung over our shoulders on our trips to Disney World. We honestly love them, but our only complaint is that anything we put in them can get lost in the bag with the quickness. Don’t let this happen to you. If you have a Loungefly backpack, you should consider outfitting it with an organizer. You won’t be disappointed. They’ll keep everything organized and are hard to beat at only $15.

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We’ll continue to keep you updated with any and all Disney news and updates, so make sure to follow along for more.

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