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Magic Kingdom in Disney World is definitely a magical place.

Magic Kingdom

The amount of dreams and magical moments that come true have to be uncountable at this point. However, there are a number of cringey things happening there that have us questioning if we’ll ever walk into the park again! Let’s talk about them

As we said, we’re going to go over some of the cringey things at Magic Kingdom that seriously have us questioning if we’ll ever go there again!

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

The Never-Ending Lines for Magic Kingdom Buses at the Hotels

Waking up early to catch the first bus to Magic Kingdom sounds like a good plan until you see the lines. The morning rush can make you feel like you’re waiting for a concert.

Bus stop at All-Star Movies

And trying to leave the park after the fireworks? Good luck. The crowds and wait times can be a real test of patience.

The Crowds and Castle Proposals

Magic Kingdom is the most nostalgic park at Disney World, but it’s also the most crowded.

Cinderella Castle Crowds

Trying to navigate through a sea of people, especially those getting engaged in front of Cinderella Castle (it can feel like it happens every five minutes), can be overwhelming.

Congested Walkways

Tied with that last item, congested walkways are one of my biggest pet peeves. People stopping in the middle of the path or clustering around shop entrances and exits can really bring foot traffic to a standstill.

Imagine stopping in the MIDDLE of all of this

It’s a surefire way to kill the magic when you’re constantly trying to dodge or navigate through human traffic jams.

Rope Drop Chaos

If you’ve ever experienced rope drop at Magic Kingdom, you know it can be utter chaos.

Rope dropping lines at Magic Kingdom.

The rush to get to the most popular rides can feel more like a stampede than a magical start to your day. It’s not exactly the enchanting experience you might have in mind.

The Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) Dilemma

Unlike the other parks, Magic Kingdom requires you to go through the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). This is a problem unique to Magic Kingdom.


This extra step can make an easy escape incredibly difficult, especially when you’re tired after a long day and just want to get back to your hotel.

It’s a Snack Kingdom, Not a Foodie Paradise

While Magic Kingdom has some decent snacks, planning a full meal there can be tricky.

Delicious and golden

I usually find myself planning to have my meals outside of the park (usually in one of the resort restaurants) to avoid the underwhelming food options. It’s a shame when you’re in such a magical place but can’t find a satisfying meal.

Those Train Tracks

The old-timey charm of the tracks on Main Street USA loses its appeal when you’re constantly tripping over them.

Main Street USA Trolley Tracks

They’re a hazard for strollers, wheelchairs, and distracted walkers alike. Let’s just say that it’s not the most “magical” experience.

Getting Stuck on the Wrong Side of a Parade

If you’ve ever been caught on the “wrong side” of a parade route, you know the struggle!

Festival of Fantasy Parade

The parades are beautiful, but boy can they put a serious wrench in your plans if you’re not prepared. What should have been a quick walk to the next ride suddenly can turn into a lengthy detour if you’re caught on the “wrong” side.

Broken or Closed Attractions

Maybe it’s just my bad luck, but it seems like something is always broken or closed at Magic Kingdom.

Golden Oak Outpost when closed

I get that rides shut down for maintenance and shops close for refurbishments, but for some reason, I feel it happens more here than in any other park.

Haunted Mansion is CLOSED

Additionally, all those closures can cause other areas of the park to become even more congested as people flock to the few remaining available attractions.

Fantasyland crowds in Magic Kingdom

Those are just a couple of the cringey things at Magic Kingdom that seriously have us questioning if we’ll ever go there again, and we’d love to hear more about it from you! In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to DFB for more tips, tricks, and resources to help you plan the BEST Disney World vacation possible.

9 Times Disney World Was TOO Cringey to Handle

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