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We’ve given you a heads-up about all kinds of things that can go wrong with your Disney World vacation and tried to prepare you every step of the way.


This time we don’t have trip cancellations or delays to tell you about, but we do have ANOTHER pesky bug to warn you about before it has a chance to make a dent in your vacation plans!

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World in the near future, you’ll want to be aware of an ant species that is capable of setting up “super colonies”. Yep, you heard us right… and you’ll need to be aware because they’re starting to pop up all over Florida.

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This problematic ant species isn’t just your normal, run-of-the-mill ant. Although they’ve been around for decades, with summer just beginning it’s a prime season for these ants to spread. According to WKMG, researchers at the University of Florida have named this particular ant the “Tawny Crazy Ant” due to the erratic and quick ways they move and their reddish-brown color.

Tawny crazy ants feeding on NecDew (Photo Credit: Dr. Rudolf Scheffrahn) (Rudolf Scheffrahn)

Although they’ve got quite the jarring name, these ants are relatively harmless, since their bites are very lame and they have no sting. The real problem you’ll encounter with them is that they’re capable of creating “super colonies” with more than one queen and a system of connected nests. Several counties in Florida have already reported trouble dealing with these ants and we can totally see why.


According to Dr. Rudolf Scheffrahn, a professor of entomology at the University of Florida, just spraying the infected area won’t fix your problem. While most folks want to self-treat or get pest control companies in to take care of the problem, these pests aren’t going away easily until you’re able to deal with all of their nests (and there might not be an easy way to know where and how many of them are connected).

Dead crazy ants outside of a screened patio (Photo Credit: UF/IFAS) (University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences)

Experts are advising that if you experience an infestation, you should try to remember the following:

Eliminate food, water, and shelter that could encourage ants to seek out your property.
De-clutter and remove debris or other unneeded items from your property.
Establish regular trash removal.
If you have had pest control performed on your property, don’t hose ants off the pavement area, as this can also wash away the treatment. Instead, use a blower.
Prepare to pay for frequent pest control services.
Be careful about “self-treating,” as your efforts could counteract those of a professional pest control service. For example, spraying an insecticide over a bait could render the bait ineffective.

However, even if your best efforts prove less successful than what’s ideal, not all hope is lost. Dr. Scheffrahn also added that this species of ant is “ephemeral,” which means they won’t stick around for too long. He explained their M.O. is to come into an area, take over, and then abruptly leave after a year or two. While he’s not totally certain of what exactly drives them out eventually, Scheffrahn thinks it could be as simple as being lesser to fire ants or encountering another big-headed ant species that take over their habitat.

It’s certainly not ideal for something to encounter while you’re looking to have the best vacation ever but knowing what to watch for and being proactive with treatment really will be your best route of trying to rid yourself of these pests fastest.

Be sure you stay tuned with us at Disney Food Blog as we bring you the latest in news, updates, and more to help you plan for your next Disney World vacation!

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