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The Lite 99 Story!

Where does the story of Lite 99 begin?

To answer the question of when the Lite begins, we have to go back to 2007, when I started an Internet Station under the name Mikes Radio 105. Our sign on format was Christmas Music because that was when we started in December of 2007. From there, it was a rather interesting path. We delved into the Lite / Soft AC format, where we were modeled off of a now-defunct station (Lite 99.9 WLQT-FM). Lite-FM has had an interesting story, and a station that I miss dearly, and that is why I carry the call letters of WLQT-DB (DB for Digital Broadcast).

From the AC format, we started to go with a variety format under Mikes Radio and changed the name to the Vibe. Back then I was still learning how to program and I used an automation system called Sam Broadcaster. I actually meshed Country Music, Christian Music, Soft AC, and Christmas Music all under one format. The VIBE was a very interesting format. 

In about 2009 -2010, I went to a college called Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio, and I volunteered for the radio station WWSU 106.9 FM. I learned more about programming since I ran my own radio show at the station. I was in charge of the music for my show. It was also around this time that I met one of my best friends, Matt Witt from St. Louis, Missouri. We started working together, and through the years he has taught me so much about programming. 

Over the years, I also ran sub stations called The Wolf (Country), Praise 99 (Christian), Santa (Christmas), and BIG 103 (both Classic Hits and Oldies). I also ran a station when I lived in Ohio called Magic, and while that was a newer Adult Contemporary format, the format just didn’t suite me, even though I was using a program called StationPlaylist. I moved to Florida in 2018, and I formed the Breeze, where I was back to my roots of Soft AC. While The Breeze was fun, I honestly missed the Lite name. Arego, the reason of me changing the station back to Lite!

Using Station Playlist even still, I’ve learned how to make better clock rotations and make the station sound like an FM radio station. While my desire is to be on FM radio, I’m learning that Internet Radio is going to grow big, and fast! I LOVE programming the Oldies and Soft AC/ Goldbase Nostalgia format, and here is where it is staying!

What about my love for Christmas Music?

It would be funny if you would ask that. I have ALWAYS loved the Christmas season and Christmas Music. Christmas for me is about the love of Christ and the reason why we celebrate it. Christmas Music always brings out the best in people. We’ve switched to Christmas Music on various dates, and we have celebrated Christmas in July as well. One of my earliest and most daring flips was when I flipped the station in August. That was in 2014 I believe! 

In 2017, I was invited by the staff of now-defunct BIG 106.5 in Dayton, Ohio and also now-defunct Soft Rock 92.9 to come and flip the switch to Christmas! I have included a picture of me with the BIG 106.5 staff below! What an INCREDIBLE experience. 

From here, I’m excited to continue to grow LITE 99 and make sure our listeners are happy! I care about everyone. Thank you for spending the time to read our story!

God Bless you!
Michael Foland
Owner / Program Director, Lite 99