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I recently got lost on a deep dive into the history of prices at Disney World, comparing ticket, Annual Pass, Genie+, and food prices to the rate of inflation over the same time period, and I came out with some SHOCKING results

Now, another recent study took a close look at those price increases, and the numbers they reported confirm my research. All of it paints a somewhat scary picture of how prices have changed and how they might change in the future.

Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle

Luckily, here at DFB, we have all kinds of tips to help you save big on your next trip! Let’s take a look at these price increases to get a good idea of what’s happening, and then I’ll spill some big money-saving secrets to help make your next vacation much more affordable.

FinanceBuzz recently published their findings from a study comparing Disney World price increases to the rate of inflation over time.

Overall, they found that prices for some popular Disney World food items increased by an average of 61% since 2014, while the rate of inflation was just 32%. That means that prices for Disney eats have been increasing at almost double the pace of inflation. Compared to the park ticket price changes, food prices are increasing at a higher rate: Park tickets increased by 56% in the last ten years. (Note that park ticket prices are going to increase again in 2025 — you can learn more about that here.)

Mickey pretzel

The worst offender for price increases since 2014 is unfortunately one of our favorite snacks in Disney World: the bread service at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. In 2014, the bread service cost $9.99. Now, it’s $22. WOW. This appetizer comes with several different kinds of naan bread and a BUNCH of different dips, and although we highly recommend it as a delicious way to kick off your meal, we’ll definitely be thinking of that price increase the next time we buy it.

Sanaa Bread Service at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Another one of our top snack picks is the corn dog nuggets from Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom. These have unfortunately doubled in price over the last ten years as well. In 2014, they were $4.99, and now they cost $10.79.


FinanceBuzz listed a few more iconic treats that had price increases outpacing the rate of inflation:

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar — 63% price increase
DOLE Whip — 58% price increase
Churros — 54% price increase

Although not every food price change outpaced the rate of inflation, food prices throughout Disney World all went up by at least $1.50 since 2014.

Corn Dog Nuggets and Plastic Cheese

In some happier news, Mickey Waffle prices actually increased at a rate LOWER than inflation, at just 30%. We’re taking that as a great excuse to buy more Mickey waffles the next time we visit!

Mickey waffle

In my own recent research, I looked into historical price increases for Disney World tickets, Annual Passes, Genie+, and Mickey Ice Cream Bars. I found some really surprising results, such as this one: If Annual Pass prices increased at the normal rate of inflation since they were first introduced in 1982, the Incredi-Pass would cost about $325 today instead of $1,449.

Annual Pass Prices

If you remember a time when Mickey Ice Cream Bars cost less than $3 in Magic Kingdom (or if reading that just now made your jaw drop), you need to check out more of my findings here!

4 Charts To Explain Disney World’s Freakish Price Increases

Even though Disney World is clearly an expensive vacation, there are definitely some great ways to save money and cut down on the overall cost.

To save money on dining, try visiting quick-service restaurants instead of table-service restaurants. Those sit-down meals can be tempting, but there’s some really great food at Disney World’s quick service (fast food) spots, and your meal will be MUCH cheaper there compared to the table service alternatives.

Custom Bowls at Satu’li Canteen

Although the food prices don’t fluctuate based on the time of year, ticket and hotel prices definitely do. You can save room in the budget by avoiding busy seasons like Spring Break, summertime, and the winter holiday season. February, early May, and September tend to be good times to go when crowds are a bit lower and thus hotel and ticket prices are similarly subdued.

Main Street

I almost always choose to stay at a value hotel instead of deluxe because you can save THOUSANDS of dollars that way. While deluxe hotels get up to (and exceed) $1,000 per night, you can often find value hotels at around $200-$300 per night.

My personal favorite value hotel is Pop Century (because it has both cheap prices and a Skyliner station), but if you’re willing to give up the Skyliner, you can get even CHEAPER rooms at Disney’s All-Star Resorts.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Also, make sure to watch out for deals and discounts. Disney frequently offers limited-time and seasonal savings that can help you save BIG money on tickets and hotel stays (we’re talking up to 35% off with some of them).

It can be tough to predict when new deals will pop up, but that’s why you follow us! You can keep checking our Disney Deals and Discounts page to stay on top of all the latest discounts.

If planning a Disney World vacation while sticking to a budget sounds like a lot of work to you, you’re absolutely right. It’s no joke. If you want some help along the way, contact our friends over at Small World Vacations. Their travel agents have decades of experience planning Disney vacations, and they’re amazing at tracking down the best deals for your trip. Plus, their services are completely FREE. 

Our BEST tip for sticking with your budget at Disney World will forever be to plan ahead – especially for dining. When you buy our DFB Guide to Dining at Walt Disney World, you’ll get immediate access to our downloadable worksheets for planning your trip, as well as sample one-day dining itineraries, which can be a huge help when it comes to keeping to your budget.

DFB Guide

Stay tuned to DFB for more updates on the latest Disney news!

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