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After closing earlier this month, Disney Ever After at Disney Springs has reopened with a new cute look. Instead of selling designer bags and jewelry, the store now mainly sells character plush. It’s also home to a new build-your-own headband experience.

Disney Ever After at Disney Springs

The store is located in Town Center. The exterior is mostly the same but “Jewelry Co. & Accessories” has been removed from the sign. It’s possible that “Disney” could be added to the sign later, or it could stay the same as it is currently.

The create-your-own headband experience debuted at Disneyland Resort earlier this year. A sign outside Disney Ever After advertises it.

Inside, the displays are now decorated with brightly-colored awnings inspired by Disney characters. Much of the store’s character artwork is inspired by Disney Emojis. The store is playing the San Fransokyo Square music loop, including the Happy Ride with Baymax songs.

A pink display showcases plush of Marie from “The Aristocats.” There’s a giant pink bow on the striped awning. A wall decoration above reads “Cute.” There are emoji images of Anna, Tinker Bell, and Marie.

An Edna Mode emoji is mounted above one of the headband stations. There are green dots above a green awning. More giant emojis represent the Beast and Baymax.

Light strings hang down from the center of the ceiling. Cinderella Castle is above the emergency exit door.

Another striped awning covers the headband station at the front of the store.

You can learn more about the experience and get a closer look at the available options in our report.

In the center of the store is a throne made out of Disney plush.

The back of the throne is also a mirror so you can check your headband style.

There are still some Loungefly bags available at Disney Ever After. The Figment Loungefly backpack is on a purple display case alongside Figment plush.

Stitch merchandise is under a sign reading “Besties.”

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