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How about Disney stories that come to life before your eyes? If so, you’re in for a treat because the next chapter of Lorcana has just been released on Amazon! In the chapter Ursula’s Return, an Ursula glimmer is ready to put plans into motion after being unleashed from the Great Illuminary. We’re about to find out just what she’s willing to do for power now that the set is finally available to be purchased.

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The new Lorcana cards have officially appeared on Amazon for sale. We’re so excited that you can now continue the story of Lorcana! Race against your opponents to collect the most lore and win the game. With this new chapter, there are two new starter sets available and various other items, so let’s take a look!

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Grab the Sapphire & Steele Starter Kit

Anna and Hercules

Starter sets come with everything you need to play the game. So if you’re just a beginner, all you really need is one of these sets. It also includes a rule guide to help you learn and keep track of all the instructions and lingo. The Sapphire & Steele set has several Disney characters to play with and features foil cards of Anna and Hercules!

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Pick Up the Amber & Amethyst Starter Kit

The Madrigal family!

The second starter set that is available in Ursula’s Return is the Amber & Amethyst set which features Bruno and Mirabel! There are returning and new characters in both starter sets, but they’re all famous Disney characters. If you have been playing Lorcana for a while now, you can grab one of these starter sets to add to your own deck and really beef it up.

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Get a New Illumineer’s Trove


Another option that has just been released with the new chapter is a new Illumineer’s Trove. When you play the game you’re called an Illumineer, and this trove is a special place to hold all your cards so they remain protected! It comes with one card storage box, six card dividers, eight booster packs of 12 additional game cards each, six damage-counter dice, and one lore counter. While it doesn’t come with a deck of cards, it has nearly everything else you need to play!

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Grab Some Booster Packs


Starter packs are a great way to begin playing the game, but once you get the hang of it, you may want to start building your own deck or adding to the one you have to make it ultra, mega, powerful! These booster packs are a great way to add to or build a deck. 12 cards, including one foil card, are included in each pack.

Things to keep in mind if you decide to build your own deck — you need at least 60 cards in it, it cannot contain more than four copies of any single card, and it can only contain one or two inks. (Inks are the colors of the decks, for example, Ursula’s Return has Sapphire, Amethyst, Steele, and Amber inks. Your deck can only have one or two inks.)

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This is a really fun game that we hope more people start to pick up! It can be played with two or more people for a very exciting game night! We’ll continue to bring you Lorcana updates, so keep following DFB for more Disney news!

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