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Some of the flooring of the Cinderella Castle stage at Magic Kingdom has been removed to be replaced as part of an ongoing refurbishment.

Cinderella Castle Stage Refurbishment

The refurbishment began a few days ago, with scrims installed around the stage and rolling planters stationed to the sides. Guests can still walk up the ramps around the stage and through Cinderella Castle. The “Please Pardon Our Pixie Dust” sign that was on the front of the scrim has been removed.

Several sections of flooring have been removed from the stage. With the outdoor venue used nearly every day (and weathered by rain the rest of the time), it’s necessary to replace the floor sometimes. We last saw a major refurbishment of the stage in 2021.

Where flooring has been removed, we can metal grating, wood supports, and strips of black rubber.

If the 2021 refurbishment is any indication, the rest of the flooring will likely be removed, too. The small platforms to the sides of the stage will also be removed for refurbishment and then reinstalled.

New weatherproof sheathing will likely be added beneath the flooring.

Castle stage shows are canceled for three weeks due to the stage refurbishment. They’re scheduled to resume on July 28.

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