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While Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a month away from opening at Walt Disney World, the Disneyland version still has a few months of construction to go. This week, we noticed more flowers and foliage on the ride’s façade.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

Several crew members were on or around the ride flume on this side of the mountain. Flower-covered vines now wrap around the themed supports for the track.

Vines also wind up the legs of the Tiana’s Foods water tower. New to the area are shrubs with pink flowers around the base of the tower and on the cliffside.

We saw one crew member installing more shrubs of pink flowers near the ride’s drop.

Speaking of the drop, we peeked inside the mountain’s opening, but couldn’t see much. The two lights on the left look like work lights. The wooden fencing around that corner is temporary for crew members.

Another crew member was atop a rocky outcropping that’s still gray. It will be repainted the same reddish-brown as the rest of the rockwork and then decorated with fake foliage.

Black tarps hang from the front of the millhouse. In our previous update, we noted that roofing had been removed from the building.

Some shingles have been replaced on the left side.

Tarps are taped to the front of the mill. In Florida, the planks in this section were painted green.

Some guests have seen water and ride vehicle testing at the attraction in the afternoons and evenings. We didn’t see any testing during our most recent trip.

Tarps on temporary fences enclose this section of the flume, visible from the Mark Twain Riverboat.

From the Riverboat, we also saw several more crew members right behind construction walls. Three stood on top of a dirt pile, surveying the area.

A nearby tree is blocked off by scrim. One crew member was in a construction vehicle, possibly a digger.

A few yards away, there are spray-paint marks on the cliff wall. These may mark spots that will get theming or that will be demolished.

Most of Critter Country closed for construction work, including turning part of Pooh Corner into Louis’ Critter Club and The Briar Patch into Ray’s Berets.

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