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The Epic Universe Preview Center in Universal CityWalk Orlando is now open. In addition to enjoying the park’s model, guests can also purchase merchandise inspired by four of the park’s lands: Dark Universe, How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic, and Super Nintendo World. There is no Celestial Park collection but there is a series of spacey merchandise featuring the Epic Universe logo.

Epic Universe Preview Center Merchandise

Park Logo

This collection is mostly blue and golden brown.

Patch – $15

The Epic Universe logo featured on most of these items is a golden circle like the end of a telescope. The center shows a dark blue sky with white stars. “Universal Epic Universe” is across the logo.

The patch is peel-and-stick or sew-on.

Magnet – $15

The magnet is metal with the same logo design.

Youth T-Shirt – $25

The logo is on the chest of the youth T-shirt. The rest of the shirt is dark blue with white specks.

Lanyard Pouch – $8

The plastic pouch has a solid blue front featuring the logo. It’s attached to a metal lobster claw clip.

Lanyard – $14

One side of the lanyard is yellow-gold while the other side is navy blue.

Both sides read “Universal Epic Universe.” They feature the full logo at the ends. The other half of the strap is patterned with a minimalist version of the logo.

Like the lanyard pouch, the lanyard has a lobster claw clip.

Adult T-Shirt – $27

The adult tee is dark blue. The “unique printing process” of these shirts means no two are exactly alike, with a subtle background pattern.

The Epic Universe logo is on the chest.

Adult Quarter-Zip Jacket – $55

The jacket is light brown. It has a large pocket on the front.

The logo is embroidered with white thread on the left shoulder.

Spirit Jersey – $75

The Spirit Jersey features a gradient of blue to white.

The logo is on the left breast.

“Epic Universe” is across the back in golden outline.

Starry white specks are around the words.

Zip Wallet – $26

The zip wallet is dark blue with white specks. The logo is on a patch on the front.

There’s a small zip pocket on the back. The zippers are bronze.

The zipper pulls resemble the circular element of the park logo.

Belt Bag – $35

The belt bag is solid blue with a similarly bronze zipper and zipper pull.

The logo is a large patch on the front of the bag.

There’s a small zip pocket on the back. The adjustable strap has yellow-gold plastic hardware.

A cardholder is attached to the inside of the bag with a carabiner. It also has a small zip pocket inside.

Backpack – $55

The backpack matches the belt bag. It’s dark blue with a tan bottom. There’s a small zip pocket on the front, below a logo patch.

The straps are blue and black.

The interior lining features a starry pattern.

Scoop Neck T-Shirt – $37

This light brown shirt has a scoop neckline and short sleeves.

The logo is on the chest.

Bottle Holder Bag – $16

The logo is on the front of the dark blue bottle bag.

The strap is blue with white specks and “Universal Epic Universe.”

Coca-Cola Freestyle Tumbler – $38.99

The tumbler is more purple, with a glowing effect around the logo on one side and “Epic Universe” on the other side.

These can be used to get drinks all day from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

They’re stainless steel.

The caps are translucent with dark blue sliders.

Ball Cap – $29

The ball cap is dark blue with white specks on the brim. The logo is a patch on the front.

Luggage Tag – $15

A pleather luggage tag features the logo against a dark blue background. It has a blue adjustable strap.

A slot on the other side includes a card with lines for your name, address, email, and phone number.

Picture Frame – $27

The picture frame has space for a 4 x 6 photo. The logo is next to the opening, against a dark blue speckled background.

It has a black stand on the back.

Pullover Hoodie – $50

This is dark blue with the logo on the chest. It has a large pocket and hood. The interior lining features starry specks.

Dark Universe

Dark Universe is the Universal Monsters-inspired land of Epic Universe. Most of this merchandise is black with lightning-blue accents.

Lightning T-Shirt – $33

This shirt is blue with an all-over pattern of lightning bolts and the Dark Universe logo.

“Dark Universe” is in dark silver lettering against a burst of blue.

“Dark Universe” is included on the printed tag. There is a bright blue lining around the neck.

Monsters T-Shirt – $30

This shirt is black with a rectangular image on the front. The image has white and blue borders.

Universal Monsters are pictured in partial silhouette with trees and lightning behind them. “Dark Universe” is above them.

Wallet – $28

The same monster silhouettes are on the front of the wallet.

The wallet is otherwise solid black.

Inside a zipper pocket are card slots and an ID slot.

Sling Bag – $40

The black pleather bag is covered in blue lightning bolts. “Dark Universe” is embroidered in black on the front. There’s a small front zip pocket.

The back is solid black. It has an adjustable black strap.

The interior lining is also solid black. There’s another small zip pocket in the main pocket.

Metal Sign – $24

This square sign features the silhouetted monsters and the Dark Universe logo.

Ornament – $15

The silhouette of Frankenstein’s Monster is featured on this ornament. He’s partially lit with white accents. His hands are outstretched.

A gray circle behind him surrounds a translucent piece painted with blue lightning bolts. “Dark Universe” is at the bottom.

The back of the ornament is solid gray.

Patch – $15

The patch also features Frankenstein’s Monster, pictured from the chest up. He leans over “Dark Universe” in blue lettering with a blue starburst behind him. It’s peel-and-stick or sew-on.

Lanyard – $14

The lanyard is black with a blue lightning pattern.

“Dark Universe” is printed on one side.

Glow-in-the-Dark Youth T-Shirt – $25

Kids get a black tee with Frankenstein’s Monster pictured leaning over the Dark Universe logo. The design glows in the dark.

Ball Cap – $27

Frankenstein’s Monster is silhouetted by blue and white backlight on this black hat. “Dark Universe” is embroidered in black in front of him.

Throw Blanket – $60

The throw blanket glows in the dark. It’s 60″ x 50″.

The blanket features two versions of the monster silhouette artwork, as shown on the tag. The silhouettes are gray below a blue Dark Universe logo on one side. On the other side, the dark silhouettes feature green accents and the logo has green outlines.

Shot Glass – $10

The solo Frankenstein’s Monster artwork is on this black shot glass.

The inside is black.

License Plate – $22

All of the monsters are on this dark license plate.

AirPods Case – $22

The monster artwork is on these AirPods cases. They come in packaging with the Dark Universe logo and lightning bolts.

The AirPods Pro case is a horizontal rectangle.

The other case is vertical. Both have a black lobster claw clip.

iPhone Case – $38

The iPhone case features Frankenstein’s Monster and the Dark Universe logo in blue highlights against a dark background. Thin lightning bolts crisscross the dark case. It glows in the dark. It fits iPhone 13, 14, and 15.

Poster – $18

The monsters are in this detailed artwork with lightning striking from the Dark Universe logo.

How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

This collection includes new items, as well as the How to Train Your Dragon preview merchandise released in March and May.

These three pins are new.

Light Fury Pin – $10

This one features the white and blue Light Fury with wings spread out.

Light Fury Pin – $10

The Light Fury is floating with her wings behind her on this pin.

The pins come on red and gold Isle of Berk backing cards.

Isle of Berk Pin – $11

This pin is a square with rounded corners. It reads “How to Train Your Dragon” in red lettering and “Isle of Berk” in yellow.

Characters from the franchise are pictured in a blue portal of water against a dark blue background.

Keychain – $15

The keychain has a metal ring with a brown pleather strap attached.

At the end of the strap is a double-sided medallion. On one side, a red dragon silhouette is against a silver circle.

On the other side, the dragon silhouette is silver against a brown scale background.

Toothless Popcorn Bucket – $29.99

This popcorn bucket was initially released in April 2023.

Felt Pennant – $16

The felt pennant was part of preview merchandise. It features the land’s name, medallion design, and colorful stripes.

Toothless Loungefly Mini Backpack – $90

The backpack was released with the May round of Epic Universe preview merch. It’s a pleather black bag with a scale texture and Toothless’ facial features embroidered on the front.

Wings are attached to the back.

Tank – $30

The tank top is bright blue. It has yellow around the neckline and sleeves.

The medallion with a dragon silhouette against a scaly background is on the left breast.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toothless Adult T-Shirt – $30

This shirt is black with Toothless’ face on the center of the chest. It glows in the dark — presumably his big green eyes, specifically.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toothless Youth T-Shirt – $23

The youth T-shirt has the same design, including silicone detailing.

Toothless Mug – $27

This mug is sculpted like Toothless’ head. His eyes are depicted as yellow.

The handle represents Toothless’ tail, including the red mechanical fin that Toothless crafts for him.

Toothless Plush – $22

This Toothless plush has yellow eyes. It’s more to scale with Toothless’ actual shape and size.

The tag is a red Isle of Berk medallion.

Toothless Big Head Plush – $22

The other Toothless plush depicts him with green eyes and his red mechanical tail. He’s depicted sitting with more cutesy proportions.

Adult Ringer T-Shirt – $30

The previously-released ringer tee is off-white with yellow, red, and blue stripes on the chest. The hems of the sleeves and neckline are black. The Isle of Berk medallion is pictured in the center of the stripes.

Mug – $15

The mug was also previously released. It’s white with a black rim. The medallion is on one side.

“DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk” is on the other side.

Toothless Pillow – $25

This pillow resembles Toothless’ head. The black fabric has a scaly texture and embroidered details. His eyes are green.

Ears and fins stick out of the sides. “DreamWorks Dragons” is in red on the back.

Adult T-Shirt – $25

This shirt is yellow-orange with a similar design as the Isle of Berk pin.

Light Fury Adult T-Shirt – $37

There is a Light Fury version of the Toothless T-shirts. These are white with the Light Fury’s face on the chest.

Light Fury Youth T-Shirt – $28

Her eyes are bright blue.

Light Fury Plush – $22

Here’s also a big-headed Light Fury plush.

Light Fury Plush Keychain – $13

A smaller Light Fury plush comes on a blue plastic keychain.

Light Fury iPhone Case – $40

The Light Fury iPhone case features her face in a cloudy blue and purple silhouette. The background is a scaly white texture.

These cases fit iPhone 13, 14, and 15.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toothless iPhone Case – $40

The Toothless case is black and textured like scales. Toothless’ green eyes glow in the dark.

Isle of Berk iPhone Case – $38

The last phone case has a brown scale background with the Isle of Berk land name and medallion pictured.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic

The new “Harry Potter” merchandise is mostly dark blue and gold — not dissimilar to the Epic Universe logo collection.

These items feature a new Time Turner design with an hourglass inside bright blue and gold circles.

Adult T-Shirt – $33

This tee is solid gray. The Time Turner design is in the center.

The golden border reads, “For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.” Dumbledore said this quote in the “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” film.

Tank – $37

The tank top is heather gray with the Time Turner and quote on the chest.

Glass Mug – $17

This glass mug is transparent. The Time Turner design is on one side.

It has a mostly blue center with golden lines.

On the other side is a logo for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic. It’s hand wash only.

Bottle – $29

The bottle is matte blue. The Time Turner design is on one side and the land’s logo is on the other side.

It’s 17 oz, stainless steel, and BPA-free. It’s hand wash only.

Pin – $16

The pin features “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” in silver lettering. “Ministry of Magic” is in white lettering on a purple sign with a green border.

There’s green behind “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” set against a purple brick wall. “Universal Epic Universe” is on a small green piece at the bottom.

Sling Backpack – $40

The backpack is mostly navy blue with gray panels and yellow-gold piping.

The Time Turner and quote are on the front. The land’s name is on the gray panel in the corner.

It has a black and blue strap. The strap is adjustable.

The interior is black with slip pockets.

Youth T-Shirt – $28

The youth tee is blue with the Time Turner in the center.

The quote is outside of the golden circle on this tee.

Zip-Up Hoodie – $60

The Time Turner design is on the back of this dark blue hoodie.

It has drawstrings, a silver zipper, and two front pockets.

“The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic” is on the left breast.

Gryffindor T-Shirt – $35

These Hogwarts house T-shirts were first released in 2022. They are each the house’s main color with icons and traits of the house in a list.

Slytherin T-Shirt – $35

Ravenclaw T-Shirt – $35

Hufflepuff T-Shirt – $35

Baby Niffler Plush – $18 each

Baby Niffler plush were first released in 2022.

Niffler Plush – $30

The other “Harry Potter” plush in the Preview Center are also old.

Phoenix Plush – $24

Thestral Plush – $35

Bowtruckle Plush – $30

Niffler Loungefly Backpack – $82

The Niffler Loungefly backpack and wallet were released in 2022.

Niffler Loungefly Wallet – $55

Super Nintendo World

Much of the Super Nintendo World merchandise is originally from Universal Studios Japan or Universal Studios Hollywood. As such, they say “Universal Studios” but not “Epic Universe.”

There are new items that read “Universal Orlando Resort.”

Yoshi Plush – $20

Yoshi is a green dinosaur with orange shoes, a white belly, and a red shell.

Mario Plush – $20

The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is available as a small plush wearing his standard blue overalls and red hat.

Princess Peach Plush – $20

Princess each is in her satin pink dress with a blue patch on the chest and large blue earrings.

Bowser Plush – $25

Bowser wears black cuffs on his arms. He has big red eyebrows.

His shell is covered in spikes.

Large Bowser Plush – $40

There are larger plush versions of each character, too.

Large Mario Plush – $30

Large Luigi Plush – $30

Large Yoshi Plush – $30

Luigi Hat – $39

This hat is just like Luigi’s. It’s green with an “L” on the front in a white circle.

Mario Hat – $39

There’s also a Mario hat with a red “M.”

Luigi Plush Headband – $25

A small plush Luigi is on top of this black headband, so it will look like he’s resting on your head.

Boo Plush Headband – $25

Two Boos are on top of this headband. They’re both white ghosts with embroidered features.

One is holding its head, with a red blush across its face.

The other has its arms open and its tongue out.

Yoshi Plush Headband – $25

The Yoshi plush has his head rested on the top of the black headband.

Princess Peach Headband – $25

This headband is pink with a gold crown on top. The crown is decorated with blue and pink gems.

Yellow fabric hanging from the back of the headband represents Princess Peach’s hair.

Two blue earrings hang from the ends of the headband.

Toadstools Plush Headband – $25

A red toadstool and green toadstool are on top of this headband.

Yoshi Plush Hat – $39

This large plush hat resembles Yoshi’s head.

It includes three of his orange scales on the back of his head.

Adult Yoshi T-Shirt – $30

Yoshi is pictured on the front of this orange ringer tee.

Youth Yoshi T-Shirt – $25

The youth shirt has the same design.

Yoshi Drawstring Backpack – $28

Yoshi is also pictured on an orange background on this bag. The bottom corners are green. There is a side zip pocket.

The back is green and the straps are black.

Yoshi ID Holder – $14

This ID holder features Yoshi on the black plastic clip.

He’s pictured on a yellow circle.

The pleather ID case has various Nintendo images in a frame around the transparent pocket.

Yoshi is pictured on the other side.

Yoshi Mug – $15

The mug is white with a yellow interior. “Yoshi” is inside the brim. He’s pictured on the side.

The Super Nintendo World logo is on the other side of the mug with “Universal Studios.” The logo is also on the bottom of the mug.

Yoshi Cup – $10

This cup is yellow. Yoshi is pictured taking up most of one side.

Smaller images of Yoshis in other colors are on the opposite side.

Bowser Pin – $11

This square pin features an image of Bowser against an orange polka-dot background.

Bowser Keychain – $14

The same image of Bowser is on the larger charm of this keychain. It hangs from a smaller green charm attached to a keyring.

Bowser ID Holder – $14

This ID holder features Bowser on both the clip and the case.

The clips of these ID holders are removable if you want to put them on a lanyard instead. The clips have retractable strings.

Bowser is pictured against a solid orange backdrop.

The ID frame on the other side is the same colorful border of Nintendo icons as the Yoshi ID holder.

Bowser Mug – $15

The mug is white on the outside and orange on the inside. “Bowser” is printed inside.

He’s pictured on the outside.

“Super Nintendo World” and “Universal Studios” are on the other side.

Bowser Cup – $10

The Bowser cup is orange. He’s pictured with his arms outstretched.

“Bowser” is in white block lettering.

There’s a smaller image of Bowser breathing fire.

Adult Bowser T-Shirt – $30

The villain takes up most of this red ringer shirt.

Youth Bowser T-Shirt – $25

The youth tee has the same design.

Pullover Hoodie – $65

This hoodie is solid red. The Super Nintendo World logo, with “Nintendo” in white and the other words in bright colors, is on the chest. “Universal Orlando Resort” is in white below the logo. It has a drawstring hood and pockets.

Bottle – $17

The bottle is a translucent red plastic with a matte yellow lid. Super Nintendo World characters and icons are pictured in colorful blocks.

The straw pops up from the lid.

Youth Pullover Hoodie – $55

The youth pullover is black with the Super Nintendo World logo on the chest.

Adult T-Shirt – $35

The adult T-shirt is black with the logo on the chest.

Trucker Hat – $29

A matching trucker hat features the logo on a patch on the front.

The back half is plastic mesh.

Youth T-Shirt – $27

The youth T-shirt is red with the Super Nintendo World logo.

Red Magnet – $12

This rectangular magnet features the Super Nintendo World logo and “Universal Orlando Resort” in black lettering.

Green Magnet – $12

There’s a green version of the magnet, too.

Red Keychain – $11

The red magnet design is used as a charm on this keychain.

Black Keychain – $11

Another keychain has a black version of the design.

Red Strap Keychain – $14

Each of these strap keychains is a different color but features the same design. There’s a metal Super Nintendo World tag on the fabric strap, which is patterend with white outlines of Nintendo iconography.

This strap and its tag are red. They have a keyring on one end and a lobster claw clip on the other end.

Green Strap Keychain – $14

This version of the strap is green.

They have metal snaps.

Yellow Strap Keychain – $14

This one is yellow.

Pink Strap Keychain – $14

The last one is Princess Peach pink.

Beach Towel – $33

This towel features images of Mario and other Nintendo characters.

Magnet Set – $22

There are four square magnets in this set featuring Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Luigi.

Mario & Luigi Lanyard Pouch – $8

Mario and Luigi are pictured on a red patterned background. The Super Nintendo World logo is in front of them.

Princess Peach Lanyard Pouch – $8

This pouch has a pink-yellow gradient with Princess Peach, her name, and the land logo in the foreground.

Red Luggage Tag – $13

The luggage tags are made of plastic and silicone. This one is red with the Super Nintendo World logo on the front.

The strap and frame are black.

Blue Luggage Tag – $13

There’s also a blue version of the luggage tag.

Red Pin – $9

This pin is a red rectangle with the Super Nintendo World logo and “Universal Orlando Resort.”

Pink Pin – $9

A pink version of the same pin is available.

Tote Bag – $29

The tote is black with two shoulder straps. The Super Nintendo World and “Universal Orlando Resort” are in one side.

The other side is blank.

Reversible Pillow – $30

This reversible pillow can be either a Super Star or a question mark block.

Sign – $30

This wall sign is a large version of the Super Nintendo World logo.

Princess Peach Adult T-Shirt – $30

Princess Peach is pictured smiling on the front of this pink ringer tee.

Princess Peach Youth T-Shirt – $25

The youth tee has the same design.

Princess Peach Cup – $10

The princess looks more worried on this cup with a surprised expression. The cup is pink and a close-up on Princess Peach’s face is on one side.

A full-body picture of her with flowers is on the other side.

Princess Peach ID Holder – $14

The ID holder features Peach on a pink dotted background.

Princess Peach Keychain – $14

The same image of Peach is on this keychain. The charm she hangs from is a Fire Flower.

Princess Peach Mug – $15

The mug is white with a peach pink interior. Her name is printed inside.

She’s on one side of the mug while the Super Nintendo World logo is on the other side.

“Universal Studios” is in black lettering.

Luigi Drawstring Backpack – $28

Luigi is against a green background with blue corners on this bag.

The back is black with black straps.

Luigi Ball Cap – $27

A Luigi ball cap is green with a dark blue brim. His signature “L” is embroidered on a white patch.

A white Super Nintendo World patch is embroidered on the side.

Luigi Adult T-Shirt – $30

This tee features Luigi pictured on a green background.

Luigi Youth T-Shirt – $25

The youth tee has the same design.

Luigi Cup – $10

The Luigi cup is green with a close up of the character pumping his fist in the air.

The other side features Luigi about to punch a block.

Luigi Pin – $11

The Luigi pin is square with him pictured on a green dotted background.

Luigi Keychain – $14

The keychain’s charm is the same design as the pin. It hangs from a Super Star charm.

Luigi ID Holder – $14

Luigi is pictured against a green dotted background on one side of the ID holder.

Luigi Mug – $15

The mug is white with a pale green interior.

Mario Drawstring Backpack – $28

A Mario drawstring backpack is red with blue corners.

The back is blue with black straps.

Mario Ball Cap – $27

The Mario ball cap is red with a dark blue brim. His “M” logo is embroidered on the front.

A Super Nintendo World patch is on the right side.

Mario Pin – $11

The pin features Mario on a red dotted background.

Mario Keychain – $14

The keychain features him against a solid red background. The other charm is a yellow question mark block.

Mario ID Holder – $14

The ID holder has similar artwork as the keychain and pin.

Mario Adult T-Shirt – $30

The Mario ringer tee is red.

Mario Youth T-Shirt – $25

Mario Cup – $10

He’s pictured on a red cup.

The smaller image is Mario hitting a question mark block.

Mario Mug – $15

The mug is white with a red interior.

Mario Plush Keychain – $13

The small plush keychains include Mario, hanging from a red clip.

They each have a white Super Nintendo World charm.

“Nintendo” and “Universal Studios” are on the back of the charm.

Luigi Plush Keychain – $13

Luigi has a green plastic clip.

Yoshi Plush Keychain – $11

Yoshi also has a green plastic clip.

Bob-omb Plush Keychain – $11

The Bob-omb plush hangs from a dark blue clip.

Shy Guy Plush Keychain – $11

The Shy Guy plush has a red clip.

Lakitu Plush Keychain – $13

The Lakitu plush keychain has a white clip, matching the cloud.

Mug – $21

This mug is white. The Super Nintendo World logo is on both sides.

It has a stainless steel rim and interior.

The lid is clear plastic with a silicone gasket.

It’s hand wash only.

Bottle – $25

This bottle is blue with a blue twist-off cap. The Super Nintendo World logo is on one side.

This is also hand wash only.

Gloves – $29

Channel Mario or Luigi with these big white costume gloves.

Epic Universe is scheduled to open in 2025.

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