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It’s kind of sad how we can merrily go about our day at Disney World before reality hits us like a ton of bricks, forcing us to face some harsh truths.

Cinderella Castle

We’re used to Disney World causing frustration due to bad weather, ride shutdowns, unruly guests, or just plain bad luck. However, what we’re not used to when we visit the parks is a glaring truth — we’re old.

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To put it simply, Disney World has no trouble reminding us that we’re not as spry as we used to be. We go to Disney World to tap into a fountain of eternal youth, but sometimes all our trips do is remind us how old we’re getting. We’ll get into some of these reminders, but we’ll also go over how you can tackle these issues and stay young at Disney World forever!

Drinking Around the World is a no-go

Many 20-somethings’ favorite pastime is Drinking Around the World at EPCOT. This is just no longer feasible. Between feeling a heavier financial responsibility to spend our money wisely and the fact that we just can’t “hang” like we used to, Drinking Around the World doesn’t even seem like an option these days.

Still, it’s not the end of the world! We can grab drinks here and there and put the money we would’ve spent on beer, wine, and cocktails toward fantastic eats instead. We can also use all the time we would’ve spent Drinking Around the World towards riding attractions and actually experiencing EPCOT.

EPCOT is more than just Drinking Around the World

If you’re still intent on Drinking Around the World, don’t go in unequipped! Stay safe and prepare to replenish electrolytes with something like Liquid I.V. — which you can find online in a 16-pack on Amazon!


Coming in four different flavors, Liquid I.V. will help keep you hydrated and safe, especially during those hot Florida days.

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Speaking of staying hydrated, we recommend keeping a reusable water bottle handy with you during your park days.

Owala Water Bottle

We’re big fans of this Owala Water Bottle that you can find on Amazon. This insulated bottle is made of stainless steel and comes with a straw. It’s also super customizable, coming in TONS of different colors and a few different sizes. Pick out the right one for you and remember to stay hydrated throughout the day!

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Certain rides will ruin our day

Back-to-back thrill rides? A stomachache in the making. We remember when there was a time when we could visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith back-to-back without a care in the world. Now? You’d be lucky to get us back on that even ONCE, as it gives us — to quote Genie — “Such a CRICK in the NECK.”

The point stands that not all rides are fun anymore…at least not without some serious planning.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

We want to be able to experience all the attractions we used to love, so it’s important to plan ahead. As we’ve gotten older, motion sickness has also hit us harder so we make sure to come to the parks prepared.


While motion sickness patches are ideal for the Disney Cruise Line, they also do wonders at the Disney Parks. This pack on Amazon comes in a few different packs with a count of up to 48 and provides 72-hour relief. Most importantly, these are fast-acting and non-drowsy, so you can ride coasters to your heart’s content.

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Walking around Disney World is getting harder and harder

The days of twelve hours non-stop in the parks are over. We need naps. We need to give our poor feet rest breaks. Any sort of relief helps these days. Still, we feel obligated to tough it out for our families. If your legs don’t serve you like they used to, welcome to the club. Still, there are some things we can do to save our feet (and peace of mind).

Walking Down Main Street, U.S.A.

Shoe inserts and blister prevention essentials can literally save a Disney World vacation, regardless of age. Personally, we’re fans of these Moleskin Tape Flannel Adhesive Padsfound on Amazon.

Moleskin Adhesive Pads © Amazon

These soft gel pads prevent direct friction between the foot and the shoe and can alleviate the pain from walking for long periods. Clean, safe, and boasting strong adhesive to protect you all day, these pads have saved us on more than one occasion.

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Dampness puts us in an extra-cranky mood

When we were younger, for some reason it was easier to brush off getting soaked by a random summer storm or a thrilling water ride. Now, it tends to bother us more. After all, who really wants to walk around the parks completely drenched all day? We certainly don’t, but at least there’s a simple solution.

Rainy day in Magic Kingdom

If you head over to Amazon, you’ll find these Reusable Poncho Raincoats that’ll have you prepared for the wettest of weather.


These ponchos come in a 2-pack with the choice of multiple different colors to fit your preference and are durable/reusable, saving you money that you would have to spend at the parks to stay dry. Seriously, if getting soaked bothers you like it does us, these ponchos could be just what the doctor ordered.

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While Disney World has certainly made us feel our age, we still plan on living it up and having a blast each vacation. The trick is to come prepared and avoid pushing yourself too hard. Let us know what tricks you use to stay young at Disney World and continue to follow us here at DFB for all things Disney!

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