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I go to Disney World multiple times a week, and I’ve become pretty darn good at packing a park bag!

Cinderella Castle

I get quite a bit of practice loading up different bags with my theme park essentials, and I’ve tried a variety of options — from fanny packs to large backpacks to purses. However, the one that seems to stick and that I use the most of all is a Loungefly backpack…but I have a love/hate relationship with it!

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I personally have a collection of a few different Loungefly backpacks that I swap out when I’m in the parks, and even though their designs vary slightly, they’re all shaped and designed very similarly. Loungeflys tend to be smaller than your average backpack (they don’t call them mini backpacks for nothing!).

We love our Loungeflys!

So when should you use a Loungefly? Let’s break it down.

My Love Relationship With Loungefly

The number one thing I love about my Loungefly backpacks is the plethora of patterns and designs they come in! You can basically find a Loungefly for any movie franchise, character, or theme that you’d want for the parks and get it to match your outfit of the day.

SO many designs

Loungefly backpacks also have the benefit of storing more items than you can hold in your pockets or in a fanny pack. Bulkier items like water bottles or umbrellas will fit inside the main pocket of my Loungefly, and I like to squeeze in a little separate bag of park essentials as well (like bandages, Liquid IV, extra phone chargers, etc.).

Owala Water Bottle

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Because of their size, Loungefly backpacks usually aren’t as heavy or bulky as other backpacks, and it’s pretty easy to store them at your feet when you’re hopping on rides in Disney World. And if you use lockers in the parks (like at Universal Orlando), they’ll typically fit in a small locker if they’re not packed too full.

You can sit your park bag at your feet

I love matching my Loungefly to my outfit when I go to Disney World, and they’re great for keeping all my essentials at hand on those long park days, but there are some things I don’t enjoy about carrying one around as well.

My Hate Relationship With Loungefly

While the size of a Loungefly mini backpack is bigger than most small bags, it’s smaller than a regular backpack. I have to be choosy about which umbrellas or water bottles I bring because the bag isn’t very tall. And if my bag is already stuffed full, I can’t always fit a jacket inside (for rain or for warmth).


Also, you know I have to mention the bane of our existence in the summer — the BACK SWEAT. Having a backpack sit against your back all day is bound to make you a little sweaty, and if you’re averse to that, the Loungefly might not be for you. (That’s why I sometimes prefer a fanny pack in the summer!)

Stickers Loungefly

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Even though Loungeflys will generally fit all my basics, they’re not the best for organizational purposes. Most of the bags have one big pocket, one small pocket, and two side slip pockets. I do a lot of blind digging around in the main pocket of my bag to find things when I’m in the park, and I’ve often resorted to bags inside of bags. 


Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself if Loungefly backpacks are right for your park visit — they’re not cheap, usually costing around $80 or $90 depending on the design. And if the “keeping organized” is a problem for you, you might want to consider purchasing a Loungefly backpack organizer. This design slips into your bag and sorts your belongings into different pockets so things are easier to find! And at $15, they’re quite a steal for peace of mind.

Loungefly Bag Organizer

No matter which bag you choose, we have a host of packing lists to help you prepare for your trip and be ready for any circumstance in the parks! We’ve got you covered with all the in-park tips you need.

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