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A set piece that’s part of the EPCOT attraction, The American Adventure, is currently not working.

The American Adventure

When The American Adventure is operating properly, the set piece, a large glass scroll of a proclamation from King George III, (pictured above) is revealed just after the impetus behind the Boston Tea Party is explained. That scroll is not currently being used.

Usually, the proclamation slowly drops down from the ceiling. At this point in the show, the whole stage is dark, aside from the illuminated scroll. Then, the stage is re-lit, revealing animatronics of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson behind the scroll. The pair discuss the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The scroll is then lifted back up as the scene continues.

During recent visits to EPCOT, the stage went black, as it usually does, but no scroll appears. The lights turned back on in time for the scene between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to start. The above images are all from when the scroll works as it’s intended.

Video was not allowed during our recent video, but the above photo shows the beginning of the Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson scene, sans proclamation scroll.

In other American Adventure Pavilion news, the American Heritage Gallery is currently closed in preparation for the new “Portraits of Courage” exhibit by President George W. Bush, set to open on June 9.

You can watch a full show of The American Adventure prior to the breakdown below:

For more details on the history behind The American Adventure, check out our Back to the Future segment on the attraction here:

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