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Well, we’re halfway through 2024, and a LOT has happened in Disney World already this year.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

A lot is still set to happen at Disney World hotels, though. Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is getting a Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs plus The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers. Brand new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) villas will be opening later in 2024 at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. With all of this, and more, going on, we expect to see some hotel trends popping up in 2025.

These are the hotel trends we expect to see in 2025.

More DVC rentals

With more DVC villas on the way, thanks to the new Island Tower that will open at the Polynesian Village Resort in 2024 and the recently opened The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, we believe more people will be wanting to stay at those properties, but will want to save money to do that. If you’re not a DVC member, the best way to book a stay at a DVC property is buying rental points from a reputable DVC rental agency (like David’s Vacation Club Rentals).

Room inside The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Although booking a resort by renting DVC points does have some drawbacks (you’ll need to book early plus your booking is non-refundable), this is one of the cheapest ways to get a room at Disney’s deluxe DVC resorts. With Disney adding even more DVC rooms, we can imagine that DVC rentals are about to become very popular.

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Split stays between Disney World and Universal

Universal’s third theme park, Epic Universe, opens next year and will bring five NEW lands with brand new rides, restaurants, and experiences. If you’re planning on visiting Orlando after Epic Universe has opened, we can imagine that many of you will want to check it out, meaning you might have a split stay between a Disney World hotel and one of Universal’s Epic Universe hotels.

Universal Helios Grand Hotel ©Universal Studios

We can even imagine that many visitors to Orlando might make Epic Universe their first stop on their vacation with Disney World as the second. So we think many of you will be booking rooms at both properties.

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More value resort stays

There’s another way Epic Universe may affect hotel stays at Disney World in 2025. Because so many Disney World visitors may have plans to split their stay between Disney World and Epic Universe, we think many might choose to stay at Disney World’s value resorts to leave more room in their budget for Epic Universe.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

We get it. Epic Universe will be completely new, and if you’ve been to Disney World before, it could very well be your vacation priority in 2025.

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More split stays between value and moderate/deluxe hotels

We ALL want to stay in a Disney World deluxe hotel, but it might not just be in the budget to book a full week there. However, it’s more affordable to do a split stay where you stay a certain number of nights in a moderate or deluxe hotel and then spend the rest of your trip staying at a value resort.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

This could be a good way to still get that deluxe hotel experience (and also take advantage of Extended Evening Hours) but still stay within whatever you’ve budgeted for your full hotel stay.

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Shorter stays

Disney World prices are increasing every year. Saving money for some people could mean spending less time at a Disney World hotel and keeping trips to just 3-4 days (or less) so you can still get that Disney magic into your life.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — French Quarter

This is probably something you want to do if you’ve been to Disney World before, so you can plan each day accordingly and decide if you’re only visiting a few parks or if you’ll be park hopping each day to visit all four parks. However, it can be done, and you will still have a great time for less. The bonus is that your feet and body won’t hurt as much after a shorter stay.

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More demand for Disney Springs hotels

With tighter budgets, it makes sense that some Disney World visitors might want to get more for their money’s worth. That’s why we think we’ll see even more demand for the Disney Springs hotels. These hotels already get many of the same perks as Disney-owned hotels, with many being less expensive, as well. Plus these hotels offer additional benefits.

©Holiday Inn

First, many of these hotels offer discount passports to save you money at Disney Springs. However, one of the best perks is that some of these hotels also offer free breakfast, which means you can fuel up for free before you ever get to the parks. If you’re a D23 Gold member, you can also often save on Disney Springs hotel stays.

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Getting to your hotel earlier

Disney recently announced an offer for 2025 for Disney World hotel guests. If you’re staying at a Disney World hotel in 2025, you can get free tickets to one of Disney World’s two water parks, to use on your check-in day. So you can spend your first day having fun at either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach for FREE. We think that’s going to change when people arrive at their hotels.

Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

We expect more folks will be scheduling earlier flights to get into Orlando early enough to enjoy a day at a water park. For those who are driving, we expect getting up earlier to get to the Disney World hotel to take advantage of this freebie.

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What do you think? Will any of these trends be something you’ll be considering for your Disney World stay in 2025? Sound off in the comments!

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