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Since our last look at the new Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, crews have created a concrete path next to the tower and added more balcony railings. The new DVC destination is called the Island Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

DVC Island Tower Construction

On the Monorail side of the resort, plastic fencing surrounds some of the buildings near the construction site. A taller fence and scrim are right next to the construction site.

A few weeks ago, we saw the start of foundation work near the fence and the Aotearoa building. Since then, crews have poured concrete into part of the foundation.

Several trucks and a digger were in this area. The digger was carving out a trench next to the new foundation. Pallets, plywood, and metal frames were stacked next to a dumpster.

There is still some scaffolding around the low stone wall jutting out of the south wing. The top two-thirds of the wall is a beige color. A strip at the bottom is gray.

Paint is mostly complete on the south wing but there is one gray wall. There is also a gray stripe around the top of the tower structure between the south wing and the center. A crew member in a lift was painting a large square opening in the center of the building.

Crews have done more painting across the center of the building. It’s mostly a light cream color with brown barriers between the balconies. There are tarps covering some of the sliding glass doors where they most recently painted.

Another stripe of gray is on top of the elevator tower between the center and the north wing. A slightly darker color is on one part of the stripe. The wall around the bottom of the elevator bank is also unpainted.

This side of the north wing is almost completely unpainted.

On the other side of the building, a sidewalk is taking shape. It runs between the Island Tower and the nearby Fiji building. A section of it is outlined in wood with rebar in the foundation.

Where the sidewalk runs up next to Fiji, it’s now paved.

Crew members were walking on the sidewalk, showing it was dry and solid.

It runs from near the Seven Seas Lagoon almost all the way to the tower, around the pool.

This side of the south wing also has two unpainted walls. Sliding glass doors were installed on the first floor before our last update.

The space between the south wing and the center is unpainted. More steel has been installed along the edge of the roof to create an overhang.

Crews continue to work on the first-floor restaurant and bar. What was previously wood walls is now concrete around the bar’s gazebo structure.

Large tarps are draped over the first roof of the structure.

There are new wooden walls on the roof of the restaurant. Blue tarps cover some of the walls.

The concrete pool is lined with stripes of blue tile. There are signs indicating the pool’s depth at various points.

The nearby hot tub is also lined with tile. Diggers are parked around the area and there are dozens of pipes.

The ground around the tower is still mostly dirt.

This side of the north wing of Island Tower features several white sections. This is primer for future color.

Six balconies now have railings. The railings feature metal slats in diagonal lines. They’re currently covered in tarps.

The large square opening over here is now yellow. Two crew members were on a scaffolding platform on the building’s roof.

Read more details about the Island Tower, which is set to open on December 17.

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