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Nothing brings a family together like a Walt Disney World vacation.

Although, for one family, nothing tore them apart like dealing with ride reservations.

One West Virginia family fought each other, leading to the mother’s arrest last month at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Andrea Jean Hill, 59, of Belle, West Virginia, was charged with battery domestic violence, a misdemeanor, according to Orange Circuit Court records. She has pleaded not guilty.

The family brawl is detailed in an Orange County sheriff’s report that doesn’t seem to scratch the surface of the family dysfunction.

When the sheriff’s office arrived, Hill’s 35-year-old daughter (the victim) was tearfully holding the right side of her face, the Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report said.

The sheriff asked what happened, and the victim said, “She was having a family argument regarding ride reservations with other family members.”

More family members jumped into the argument, including the victim’s grandma, who “became physical” with the victim’s husband, the report said.

The family members grew “agitated,” the report said, so then the victim’s mother, Andrea Hill, got involved. The victim and her mom, who had been sharing a hotel room together on vacation, started arguing.

The victim said Hill pulled on her hair and clothing, so the victim pushed Hill away to escape. Then the victim’s mother hit her in the face, the victim told authorities. The victim did not know if it was a punch or a slap, the report added.

The family feud was happening in public at the theme park, and soon, two Disney Cast Members who witnessed the attack got involved to separate the family.

The victim showed signs of being struck.

The victim’s face showed “slight swelling and red skin discoloration along the right cheek bone area,” the report said, adding, “Domestic violence affidavits were provided to (the victim) for the appropriate signatures, however, she declined to sign any and all paperwork.”

The deputy also interviewed Hill to hear her side of the story.

The victim and the victim’s brother argued, so Hill said she tried to pull her daughter to the side to speak with her separately from everyone else. 

Her daughter pushed Hill away, so that led Hill to “slug her in the face,” Hill admitted to law enforcement, the report said.

Hill was arrested and taken to Orange County Jail.

WDWNT reached out to Hill’s Tampa attorney but did not get a message for comment.

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