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Three new reactive bubble wands featuring characters from the Despicable Me, Trolls, and Jurassic World franchises are now available at Universal Studios Florida.

New Reactive Bubble Wands

Three new reactive bubble wands are now available at Universal Studios Florida via outdoor carts. Each reactive bubble wand interacts with Universal Mega Movie Parade floats. Additionally, these wands will react to each other and other wands.

Each wand includes a sensor on the handle, likely utilizing RFID to interact with the parade floats and other wands.

Despicable Me Bob and Tim Bubble Wand – $30

This new yellow and purple bubble wand features Bob the bear and Tim from the “Despicable Me” franchise. The handle of the bubble wand is yellow with a black and yellow Gru “G” logo at the bottom. The rounded bubble container at the bottom is purple, just like the platform that Bob and Tim sit on. Purple silhouettes of Bob and Tim are featured on a black-and-white film strip that encircles the purple platform.

The bubble wand topper depicts Bob sitting on his favorite toy teddy bear’s brown leg. Bob puts a gloved hand on Tim’s chest as he looks lovingly at Tim’s brown button eyes.

Poppy Trolls Bubble Wand – $30

Poppy from DreamWorks “Trolls” films stands on one foot in the center of a yellow flower disc. Five clear pink petals stick out of the raised yellow circle. Poppy holds an orange bubble wand in her left hand and admires a forming bubble. She is decked out in her blue dress and a green and blue headband.

The wand itself is green and white. The round bubble container at the bottom is pink. The platform beneath Poppy features a black and white film strip of a purple-silhouetted Poppy posing in various ways. The bottom of the wand has a green and white Trolls symbol.

Jurassic World Blue Bubble Wand – $30

The top of this bubble wand features Blue the velociraptor standing on a grey stone. Beneath the stone is a black-and-white film strip depicting silhouetted images of Blue in various stances. The wand is blue with a teal-rounded bubble container at the bottom. A blue and white “Jurrasic World” logo sits at the bottom of the wand.

The Universal Magic Movie Parade debuts today, July 3, in technical rehearsal. The parade will feature iconic Universal films such as “Ghostbusters” and “Jaws.”

Will you be purchasing one of these bubble wands on your next visit to Universal Orlando? Let us know in the comments.

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