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A new Duffy & Friends “Where Smiles Grow” collection including merchandise and menu items is coming to Tokyo DisneySea on July 1, 2024.

The collection’s key art features Duffy and his friends each preparing something for all of them to share. ShellieMay makes accessories out of seashells, LinaBell researches flowers to tell her friends about, CookieAnn makes jam, Gelatoni draws a picture of a flower, Olu’ Mel is inspired by a butterfly to write a song, and StellaLou practices a dance inspired by the waves of Cape Cod. According to the story, Duffy picks flowers for everyone, but he’s depicted in some of the merchandise art looking out a window at a butterfly.

‘Where Smiles Grow’ Merchandise

The merchandise will be at McDuck’s Department Store in the American Waterfront. Items include apparel, bags, headwear, and stationery.

The collection’s color scheme is mostly pastel pink with some blues, yellows, purples, and greens.

Clear Folder Set – ¥1,500

The clear folder set includes three folders. One features Duffy & Friends gathered together, and the other two show them off on their own.

The folders have built-in tabs inspired by Duffy’s friends and American Waterfront.

Memo Set – ¥2,100

There are seven memopads, each one dedicated to each of the characters. They all feature “Where Smiles Grow,” the character doing an activity, and their name at the bottom.

The paper inside matches the exterior, with the characters in the corners.

Ballpoint Pen Set – ¥2,500

The ballpoint pen set features a different color and design for each character.

Postcards & Stickers – ¥850

This set includes postcards featuring Duffy & Friends gathered together on a pink background.

There are stickers dedicated to each character doing their chosen activity.

Mini Figure – ¥1,100

There are seven Duffy and Friends miniature figurines available in the collection. The minifigures are sold in mystery boxes.

‘Olu Mel plays his ukulele, CookieAnn holds a jar and bread, and LinaBell reads.

Duffy stares at a flower while a butterfly rests on his arm, ShellieMay makes seashell jewelry, Gelatoni paints, and StellaLou dances.

Mini Figure Collection – ¥7,700

Guests can also purchase all seven figures in one box as part of the miniature figure collection set. The figures in the collection set are the same as the individual figures.

Tissue Box Cover – ¥3,500

This tissue box cover resembles Aunt Peg’s Village Store. The store is red with green shutters, a green roof, and a green door. The windows are white. Duffy stands at the front door.

‘Olu Mel, ShellieMay, Stella Lou, CookieAnn, and Gelatoni look out the windows.

Wall Clock – ¥11,000

The wall clock features Duffy’s seven friends in a circle with icons of their activities between them. Duffy peeks out a window in the center. Above him is “Where Smiles Grow.” Instead of numbers, the clock has brown dots. The frame is a light wood.

Magnet – ¥1,800

This magnet features Duffy and his friends in a circle, some of them holding hands as they smile.

Towel Hanger – ¥3,300

The towel hanger is partially a Duffy plush. He’s leaning over a pink fabric piece that’s embroidered with “Where Smiles Grow.” A buckled strap is on top of Duffy while a loop for the towel is below.

Duffy has a pink butterfly on his hand. Two flowers are below him.

Washcloth – ¥1,200

The washcloth reads “You make me smile, just by being you.” Duffy and friends are pictured in the center with their icons around them.

Face Towel – ¥2,300

The same design is on one end of the long face towel. The other end features the individual pictures of each character.

Bath Towel – ¥4,000

The bath towel features the characters doing their individual activities with “Where Smiles Grow” in the center.

Hair Band – ¥1,900

This fluffy elastic headband is made to look like Duffy’s light brown fur, complete with two round ears. The Duffy logo is embroidered in a darker brown thread below the left ear.

A Mickey head is embroidered on the back. A small round tail is in the center of the elastic.

Stainless Steel Bottle – ¥3,600

The bottle is a light pink with a wood finish lid. Each character is pictured in a square on the side of the bottle.

Carabiner with Bottle Holder – ¥1,400

The carabiner is rose-colored metal. The silicone bottle holder is beige and reads, “You make me smile, just by being you!” Duffy is pictured with flowers.

Bucket Hat – ¥3,600

The bucket hat is beige and printed with an all-over pattern of Duffy and his friends preparing activities for each other. It also includes the character icons like a ukulele, ballet shoes, and butterflies. “Where Smiles Grow” is embroidered on the front.

T-Shirt – ¥3,500

The individual character artwork is in two rows on the front of this shirt, each character set against a different colored background. “You make me smile, just by being you!” is printed below them. “Where Smiles Grow” is on the sleeve.

Aunt Peg’s Village Store is pictured on the back under the neck.

Tote Bag – ¥3,400

The tote is pastel pink with off-white sides. It features the key art and has two brown handles.

Shopping Bag – ¥2,700

The shopping bag has the same all-over print as the bucket hat, with pastel pink piping around the handles. It folds up into a small pink pouch featuring Duffy & Friends on the front.

Aunt Peg’s Village Store is pictured on the back of the pouch when folded.

Marshmallows – ¥600

This sack is filled with white marshmallows, each printed with the face of Duffy or one of his friends.

Cookies – ¥1,200

The cookies all feature Ducky’s face. They come in a drawstring “Where Smiles Grow” bag.

Baumkuchen – ¥2,000

Baumkuchen is a kind of ringed cake. White chocolate and milk chocolate Baumkuchen slices come in individually-wrapped packaging inside a hinged tin.

Cheese Snacks – ¥1,300

Cheese snacks are in a”Where Smiles Grow” bag and box. It includes a clip to hold the bag shut.

The clip features Duffy and reads “You make me smile, just by being you!”

Chocolate Crunch – ¥900

Chocolate crunch candy comes in a large tin featuring Duffy.

Duffy Headband Holder – ¥2,400

Clip your favorite Duffy ear headband to your bag with one of these plush keychains. They each have a golden lobster claw clip to attach to your bag. The plush Duffy holds a striped strap with a golden snap to secure your headband.

ShellieMay Headband Holder – ¥2,400

The ShellieMay version has a polka-dot strap.

‘Where Smiles Grow’ Menu Items

Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥1,300

The lunch case is beige with pink straps and a pink gingham drawstring cover. Duffy & Friends are pictured individually on one side and all together on the other.

This can be purchased at the following locations with the following menu items:

Cape Cod Cook-Off: Cape Cod Cook-Off First Prize Set, Pulled Pork Cheeseburger Set, Bacon and Egg Burger SetDockside Diner: Chef’s Recommendation Set, Cheeseburger and Bone-in Sausage Set, Fried Chicken Set, Chicken and Vegetable Cold Noodle SetMiguel’s El Dorado Cantina: Miguel’s Recommended Set, Spicy Smoked Chicken Leg Set, Pork Rice Roll Set, Gyoza Dog Set

Souvenir Tumbler – ¥700

The tumbler is translucent pink with an image of Duffy & Friends wrapped around the exterior. “Where Smiles Grow” is above them. The Duffy & Friends logo is on the opposite side.

It’s available at the following locations with the following items:

Cape Cod Cook-Off: Gelatoni LimonataDockside Diner: Sparkling drinksMiguel’s El Dorado Cantina: Sparkling drinks

Milk Mousse & Fruit Set – ¥550

This is available at Cape Cod Cook-Off, Dockside Diner, and Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina.

Souvenir Mug – ¥650

The mug is beige with artwork of each character printed on it. This can be added to a purchase of the milk mousse and fruit set.

Apple Crumble Pudding – ¥550

The pudding is at Cape Cod Cook-Off, Dockside Diner, and Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina.

Souvenir Plate – ¥650

The souvenir plate can be added to a purchase of the apple crumble pudding. It’s light pink with pictures of each character set against a slightly darker pink. “Where Smiles Grow” is in the center.

Duffy Popcorn Bucket – ¥2,800

This drum-shaped bucket depicts Duffy peering out his window with green shutters. Duffy is a sculpted figure in front of a transparent window. The included popcorn shows through the window. A butterfly is on the edge of the window and “Where Smiles Grow” is above. All of Duffy’s friends are on the bucket’s lid and icons representing them are on the strap.

The bucket will be available at the popcorn wagon in front of Cape Cod Cook-Off.

Where Smiles Grow Lunch – ¥7,000

Silk Road Garden at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta will offer the “Duffy & Friends Wear Smiles Glow” Cantonese lunch and special drinks from July 1 through August 27. The meal includes an appetizer, Chinese steamed bread, deep-fried sea bass and vegetables in spicy sauce, stir-fried squid and whelk, pork and fried tofu stewed in soy sauce, and peach mousse and cinnamon scented peach compote with lychee sorbet.

‘Where Smiles Grow’ Decorations

A “Where Smiles Grow” photo op will be outside Aunt Peg’s Village Store on the American Waterfront. It will feature a backdrop behind a pink bench. Banners of Duffy & Friends will hang on the nearby posts.

Duffy & Friends flats will also be in the flowerbed outside Aunt Peg’s.

‘Where Smiles Grow’ Disney Resort Line Ticket

Disney Resort Line tickets with the “Wear Smiles Grow” design will be sold at the ticket vending machines at each station.

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