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Four new Haunted Mansion pins featuring some of the ride’s most famous characters are now available at Walt Disney World Resort.

Haunted Mansion Pins

The pins are similar in style to those released last summer but don’t have the same purple and teal color palette. These are all open edition.

We found the pins featuring Madame Leota and the Caretaker in Fantasy Faire and the other two featuring Constance Hatchaway and the Hatbox Ghost in Big Top Souvenirs.

Caretaker Pin – $16.99

This cartoonish depiction of the Caretaker sees him standing outside the Haunted Mansion gates with his skinny dog. An owl on a tree branch eyes the man, who holds a lantern and shovel.

On the ride, the Caretaker and his dog appear at the beginning of the graveyard scene.

Madame Leota Pin – $12.99

The psychic of The Haunted Mansion is pictured in blue tones on this pin. Her face in a crystal ball is at the center with a tambourine, trumpet, and drum floating around her.

The stand below her floating crystal ball is black.

Hatbox Ghost Pin – $14.99

The Hatbox Ghost is also in blue tones on this pin. His skull-like head is on his body but he holds up his ghostly hatbox, as though his head will appear inside at any second. Around him are stacks of more hatboxes, just like on the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom.

The Hatbox Ghost was added to the Magic Kingdom version of the ride last year. He now appears in front of the endless hallway.

Bride Pin – $12.99

Constance Hatchaway is a lovely bride-to-be on this pin. She has ghostly blue skin and hair contrasting with her white dress and red roses. A pink wedding cake topped with bride and groom figures is behind her.

It looks like the groom’s figure has lost his head.

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