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The Resistance Supply outpost at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland has new props. Large metal lockers now sit next to the merchandise kiosks.

Resistance Supply Lockers

There are four large lockers, positioned against the rockwork behind the kiosks.

Three of the four lockers are gray with pale yellow stripes. The paint is worn and the lockers look rusted.

Each locker features an Aurebesh letter, labeling them A, B, C, and D (aurek, besh, cresh, and dorn). They also have control panels with fake blue, red, black, and white buttons.

The lockers don’t display any merchandise. But they have real padlocks on them and look like they open, suggesting they might be storage for Cast Member use.

The “C” locker is unique. One of its doors is red and white instead of gray and yellow.

Other than the colors, it features a similar design.

Resistance Supply is located near the entrance to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. It sells Resistance-themed merchandise like badges, apparel, and helmets.

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